The washing machine smells of burning

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Usually, the smell of burning coming from household appliances during operation does not bode well. Therefore, as soon as you feel it, you need to stop washing, turn off the machine, unplug the power cord from the mains, and only then start looking for the causes of the smell. It can also be emitted by new units when washing is started – new plastic parts often begin to burn out when heated. But this happens only in the first moments of turning on the machine, if after several washes this smell does not go away, it is best to contact a service center with a problem. Error code and troubleshooting, in this case, will not always help, since this is related to electronics, and there can already be a lot of reasons. Perhaps the whole thing is in the factory marriage of equipment.

If the machine has been used for many years, and the smell of burning appeared unexpectedly, then there may be several reasons for its occurrence.

Faulty outlet

First of all, when a burning smell appears, it is worth checking the condition of the outlet and the power plug of the equipment. There are frequent situations of wiring burnout in cases where it is not designed for the power consumed by the washing machine. The solution to this problem is the competence of an electrician, but in the meantime, in order to avoid overloading the electrical network, it is best to turn on household appliances in the apartment separately.

Sunroof lock malfunction

In modern washing machines, hatch locks operate on thermocouples. They, like any other heating device, can “burn out” during a power surge in the network. Therefore, if the smell of burning appeared during the operation of the machine, this option cannot be ruled out. To avoid the situation, it is necessary to connect the equipment to the network through voltage stabilizers.

If the problem still happened, only replacing the locking device with a new one can help here. To do this, remove the mounting collar and cuff from the loading hatch, then twist the fasteners, remove the old lock and install a new one.

Heating element burnout

The heating element can emit a burning smell even in good condition, for example, when pile from clothes or hair gets on it. Also, the burning will come from the heater, which is turned on at the moment when there is no water in the tank. The contacts of the heater due to long-term operation can be oxidized, which is also accompanied by an unpleasant odor, in such cases it is recommended to clean or solder them. If the heating element is faulty, the washing unit will give you an error code.

The smell of burning also occurs when detergent enters the heater. This is especially true for low quality laundry detergent. Then, to clean the heater, it is recommended to run the washing machine in the washing mode with the maximum allowable temperature, without laundry and with the addition of citric acid to the water.

The performance of the heating element is checked when washing is started with a temperature regime of 0 degrees. If the smell of burning is not gone, then it’s not about him.

To replace the heating element, first remove the back wall of the machine and its electronic control panel.

Pump failure

If for some reason the pump continues to operate even when the water is drained, then it is likely to overheat and break. In this case, the malfunction often gives a burning smell. Another sign of a pump failure is the presence of water after the drain program stops.

Replacing the pump begins with removing the filter, under which the pump propeller is most often located. It is necessary to unfasten the wires leading to the pump, remove the drain hose and loosen the clamps. After that, the snail is removed, it can be attached to the pump with screws or special latches. After that, the pump is disconnected from the cochlea with rotational movements. Before installing a new pump, it is first necessary to clean the pump seat from contamination.

Drive belt damage

Over time, changing the position of the pulley and wear of the bearings can lead to a change in the tension of the belt – it is chafed or seized. In this case, the belt can also emit a burning smell, as well as contribute to the appearance of black and gray smoke. Then, along with the bearings, the drive belt must also be replaced. To do this, you will have to unscrew the back wall of the unit and remove the faulty belt. At the same time, it is necessary to check the motor pulley for the moment of remnants of parts of the old belt on it. A new belt is first put on the engine pulley, then it is thrown onto the drum pulley. After putting on the belt, it must be aligned with the center of the engine. If bearings are also subject to replacement, then this work must be entrusted to a competent specialist.

Water leaks

If the water supply hose is broken, then a situation may arise when water enters the inside of the washing machine body and gets on the wiring and motor. This can lead to a short circuit, accompanied not only by the smell of burnt tires, but also by the appearance of smoke.

Leaks are also possible with other damage to the inlet hose, so it is necessary to carefully check it along the entire length, as well as the joints, the threads of the fasteners. You may need to replace the hose fasteners or even the accessory itself.

If the wires and the engine burn out, a complete replacement of these spare parts is also required.

Malfunction of the control panel of the machine

Any of the above damage to parts of the machine, its contacts or connections can contribute to the failure of the electronic control unit of the unit. This failure is often accompanied by the occurrence of various failures in launch programs. Most often, the electronic module is changed to a new one, it is possible to replace any part of it. Diagnostics of the control panel is carried out by a specialist in a service environment.

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