Highest Paying Government Jobs in India

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In India, every student wants government job. Millions of aspirants across India apply for various government jobs like Civil Services, Defense, Education, Research etc. However, only few of them get selected because of very tough competition.

The reason why government jobs are preferred by Indian students is their attractive salary, benefits and other allowances that are not there in private sector jobs.

But most important you get a lot of free time because workload is very less in government jobs.

If you are a graduate and looking for a government job then following are 11 highest paid government jobs in India.

You can choose anyone of them according to your qualification and area of expertise.

1. Indian Civil Services – IAS, IPS, IFS

In India, civil services are considered to be most popular and highest paying government jobs. There are four most popular civil services jobs in India.

Indian Administrative Service

One of the most popular civil service jobs is Indian Administrative Service or IAS. It is an A Grade government job which offers lucrative pay and perks. You also get everything free, from accommodation to transportation to security, everything is free. The basic salary of an IAS is around Rs 56,000 (approx.). To become an IAS officer you have to be a graduate and pass Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) examination followed by an interview.

Indian Foreign Service

Indian Foreign service is one of the highest paid civil service jobs in India. Just like IAS, IFS officers are selected through UPSC. IFS officers represent the country in different foreign countries. IFS officers receive additional foreign allowances along with basic salaries. The starting basic salary of an IFS officer is around Rs 60,000/-.

Indian Police Service

If you care about the society and want to serve it then Indian Police Service (IPS) is for you. IPS officer’s starting salary is Rs 50,000 per month. Other than basic salary they also get numerous privileges and perks.    

Indian Forest Service

The fourth most popular civil service job is IFS or Indian Forest Service. If you love Mother Nature and environment then go for IFS. Your work as an IFS officer is full of adventure. The starting salary is Rs 52,000/- per month include DA.

2. Income Tax Officer

Every graduate wants to become an Income tax officer in Income tax department. They want this job not just for money but also social status. You can apply for income tax inspector and income tax commissioner position. The average salary ranges from Rs 60,000 to Rs 100,000 per month.

Other than basic salary you also get a car, 30 liter petrol, SIM card for free. To apply for this job you have to appear for SSC CGL exam and clear it.  

3. Scientist Job in ISRO, DRDO

If you are a scientist in India then you can join ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) or DRDO as an engineer or a scientist. If you are interested in discovering new things like sending rockets in the space or building new jet engine then you must join ISRO, DRDO or BARC.

The entry level salary is between Rs 50,000 and Rs 60,000 per month plus other allowances like free food, accommodation etc.

4. PSUs Jobs

PSUs or Public Sector Units are government owned enterprise that offers decent salary and other allowances compared to other private companies.

The most popular PSU also classified under Maharatna is Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, BPCL. There are many other PSUs classified under the categories Navratna and Miniratna.

GATE is the most popular way to get a job in a PSU’s like Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, but you can also keep checking the official website for the latest updates and announcements about upcoming BPCL recruitment for various positions. The basic salary could be Rs 52,000 per month excluding allowances. 

5. Defense Services

Perhaps I should have mentioned Defense jobs earlier in this article. It is because defense jobs provide salary and other facilities much better than private jobs.

Defense jobs offer not just good salary and facilities but also adventurous life. Defense services pay and benefits could vary from service to service and location to location. Whether you want to join Indian Army, Air Force or Navy, all three services offer great salary and allowances.

Your salary could be anything between Rs 50,000 and Rs 100,000. You can join through NDA, CDS and F CAT.

6. Government Bank Jobs

If you are looking for a bank job then PSU banks like SBI, Punjab national Bank (PNB), BoB (Bank of Baroda) are some of the best options.

You can work as a Branch Manager or Bank PO at State Bank of India and later in your career work as a Grade B officer in Reserve Bank of India (RBI).

Gross Salary of a Grade B officer on an average is Rs 77,200 per month (inclusive of basic pay Rs 35,150/month).

7. Professor in Government College

Those of you want to join academia can become a college or university professor in one of the central or state universities.

College professor jobs are well paid, flexible timings, zero workload and very conducive research environment in the university.

If you hold a PhD and years of experience working in academia, the rewards are even higher.

The basic salary of an assistant professor in institutes like IITs or NITs could be Rs 40,000 – Rs 100,000 per month.

8. Government Doctor

There is a great demand of government doctors in government hospitals. Your salary will depend upon the hospital you are serving. If you are serving in remote villages then government pays you 25% – 50% more.

Salary of a government surgeon is between Rs 100,000 – Rs 200,000 per month. For junior doctors salary is around Rs 50,000 – Rs 90,000/-.

After completing your MBBS you can apply for this job.

9. Assistant Section Officer in MEA

Assistant Section Officer in Ministry of External Affairs is Grade B post where officers are selected through examinations like SSC and CGL.

An ASO will be accompanying an IFS Officer so you will get an opportunity to travel abroad.

ASO can get 6 foreign postings, each for a period of three years. Salary of an ASO in MoEA is around Rs 66,000 per month plus other facilities like accommodation, free medical facilities etc.

10. Railway Engineer Job

A Railway engineer earns way more than an engineer working in private sector. A railway engineer job is very respectable and pays around Rs 60,000 – Rs 80,000 per month.

Other than salary they also get travelling allowance, accommodation and other allowances. You can apply for the job through Special Class Railway Apprentice competitive exams.

Are you ready to become an IRPS officer?  

11. Charted Accountant

Last but not the least government job in the list is Charted Accountant or CA. To become a CA you have to work very hard. However salary is also great. A CA is responsible for giving financial advice, auditing, managing taxes etc.

If you have completed your article ship then you can get a good job at par with MNCs.

So these were 11 highest paying government jobs in India. I would suggest you to do thorough research about each of these jobs before applying.

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