The Types of Digital Marketing: A Detailed Guide

Digital Marketing Strategy

If there is one buzzword in business today it is digital marketing. 

We are all consumers, even without realizing it. When done well you benefit by getting what you want, and you can even be entertained half the time doing it. But if you were to ask the average person what the different kinds of digital marketing were many would draw a blank. 

It can come in many shapes and sizes. However, it would be fair to say that 5 pillars hold up the overall structure of digital marketing today.  

These are SEO, PPC, social media, content, and email. Let us break them down for you now. 


Search engine optimization could be looked at as the bread and butter of digital marketing. It involves adapting and maintaining a site so that it organically does well in search results.

Google’s aim is for people to get what they want when they search. And we as consumers have grown to trust them when they say, “Is this it?”, meaning that we don’t tend to look beyond the first few pages on Google if that!

Getting on the coveted first page is done primarily by making good use of keywords, the most common search terms that people use. By utilizing them in your headers and text you are signaling that you can answer a question, hitting the all-important relevancy mark that Google looks for in search results. 

Other strategies like link building and getting up close and personal with any changes to the search algorithm also goes hand in hand with SEO. 

Among the different types of digital marketing, SEO is more of a tortoise than a hare. It can take time to see results but overall the long-term benefits can be outstanding. 

Pay Per Click (PPC)

The next big daddy among the types of digital marketing is PPC. 

By now we have all gotten accustomed to seeing ads appearing on the top of search results. With 50% of people more likely to purchase if they go via a sponsored ad, they won’t be going away any time soon. 

Using platforms like Google Ads, PPC enables you to bid for those prime top positions for a particular keyword. If you succeed and come up in someone’s search then you pay the amount you bid if they click to see what you have on offer. The higher competition for the word, the higher the bid.  

The advantages of this are clear. Compared to other digital marketing options, PPC directly gets in the face of the consumer. Besides, while you do have to pay for it, you can be comforted in the knowledge that the money spent at least was on a serious lead. 

PPC is particularly effective if you have a short-term offer you want to use in a campaign or to boost sales.

But it is important to keep in mind, once you stop using it you could end up falling back into internet obscurity. For this reason, it is advisable for companies using it to do so along with an SEO plan, which is free and long-lasting.  

Social Media Marketing 

With 3.96 billion people on social media today, presence there isn’t a need, it’s a must.

Social media marketing isn’t just putting content on social media, but targeted ad campaigns and content that fall in line with goals, be them sales or likes.

The key to being successful is choosing the right platform and consistency.

Each brand and service has a target customer who will lean more towards either Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or any of the other platforms. While a presence on most is advisable, putting money behind a campaign on a platform that your buyer persona isn’t on would be throwing money down the drain.

Your social media presence also needs to be consistent. If the message and image put across the different platforms, as well as the website, are conflicting, then people will find it hard to buy into whatever is being sold.

Although it can seem among the easiest of the different types of digital marketing, that couldn’t be further from the truth. It requires business savvy and a strategic mindset but when done right today can boost a brand quicker than any other.

If you want to see how this is done well check out this digital marketing agency.

Content Marketing 

Whether it is scrolling through endless videos on YouTube or checking out the latest dance on Tiktok, entertaining content is what people want.

Content marketing is focused on tapping into that, not by doing the hard sell, but by giving consumers something of value.

Blog posts, social media, and videos touching on interesting things related to a business’s interests can be the hook that is the first step in a business’s sales funnel.

This kind of marketing involves being creative as well as data-driven, otherwise, you can end up spending time and money on food that no one is willing to eat.

Email Marketing 

The last of the types of digital marketing that should be part of the best digital marketing strategies is email marketing. 

Regardless of the different ways, we have to stay in contact with people email remains a great form of digital marketing.  

The process involves first acquiring the email addresses of customers. This always should be consensual as legal problems could arise from buying third-party email lists. 

Then periodic emails are sent to inform, advise, entertain should always encourage recipients to take some form of action. Writing good email copy is a skill in itself, as just getting the email read is half of the battle. But with a return on investment of 4400%, its effectiveness is hard to ignore.

The Different Types of Digital Marketing and You 

Marketing has certainly changed yet its power and influence over our lives hasn’t. We hope our explanation of the different types of digital marketing has opened your eyes to how it is used today.

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