Social Listening: How to Leverage it for Your Business


Always listen first before you speak – It is something we have been taught while growing up. As individuals are trained to understand the importance of active listening and thoughtful communication, brands do not always have the strategies or tools to do so at scale.

When you are running any business, it is necessary to listen to your audience and what issues do they care about and how can you help them, solve their problems. You cannot connect with the audience without listening to their requirements.

Here, the question arises who is your audience? How do they feel about not just your brand, but also to the related topics? What do they truly want from you and how can that help you connect with them more effectively? Well, the ultimate solution to all your queries is social media listening.

What is Social Listening?

Social media listening is meant to analyze the conversations and trends that are happening around your industry which can help you to make those insights in order to make better marketing decisions. This tactic helps you to understand why, where and how these type of conversations are happening and what people think about it as not just when they are not tagging or mentioning your brand.

Such technique helps you to form future campaigns by improving content strategy and messaging & outpacing your competition by constructing an effective influencer program and building even more impactful brand partnerships.

How you can use Social Listening for Business?

You must get reluctant by diving into even more comments, complaints and questions about your organization than those who are already seeing on your timelines. There is already enough to worry about running your actual business and maintaining a web presence by knowing what they actually want.

Set Priorities by using Social Listening

One of the vital benefits of social listening is to take those negative and positive things which you are hearing from the customers and use them to reorganize your priorities. You need to figure out which features are to be prioritized on when designing any product. You can also make use of social listening for getting the wind of what your competitors are up to and how can you maneuver around them.

Initiate the Conversation

With the help of social listening, it gives you an ability to start constructive dialogues with the users and customers who have felt unheard otherwise. Whenever the consumers leave comments or concerns on websites and fill forums they do not really expect the business to connect with them directly. Instead, they simply want the brand to understand what the customer needs and how they should react accordingly. This helps to initiate a conversation between the brand and the consumer which helps them to stay connected anytime anywhere and make them feel free to ask any questions on the forum.

Builds Strong Content

With the aid of social listening, any organizations are able to turn the questions,   and compliments they are hearing about your company into the blog content and in return strengthen the SEO ranking of your website. The more quality content you create, the more you speak about the present trends which are running in the market and by including some of the keywords & phrases which people are searching and looking for, the best your site and relayed blogs will end up looking to search engines.

Best Social Listening Tools 

1. Awario [Price: $29 per month]


It is an affordable and enterprise-level web monitoring platform which promises you to get up and run in no time. The tool offers a free Leads module which is an add on for all plans as this feature lets you describe your product and specify competitors before creating an alert. The tool combines your product descriptions along with the competitors brand name to provide some useful insights on the product or service you offer.

2. Brandwatch [Price: $800 per month]


If you are keen to trigger the word of mouth marketing then this tool is defiantly for you as it is very powerful and analytics-driven which is used by the most successful brands and companies. The tool has got specializations in image recognition so you can find images which are containing your company logo and demographic data that helps to learn about your audience.

Final thoughts

If you want to run a business in present times than you are required to attend the party that is the internet even if you like it or not. Every business should have a website and social media channels in this day and age. Make sure to focus more on listening because if you don’t listen than your business end up being low and boring to your audiences. If you become good at understanding how crucial listening is for your business, you can master how to respond to them with some fun or interesting stuff which is an ultimate key to success. Keep Learning!

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