The Top List of 5 Australian Cities for Immigration in 2022

Australian Cities

We realize that an immigration decision is always a hard one. But if you decided to move to Australia, you’ve made a good choice, because this amazing country offers plenty of opportunities and a truly welcoming living environment. Yes, the climate here may surprise you sometimes, but in all other respects, Australia is your perfect destination for settling down.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of 5 cities that are your first bet for immigration route. Besides, we are highly experienced immigration lawyers in Parramatta and we can provide you with all necessary help in paperwork and practical matters before and upon your arrival in Australia.

1) Adelaide

This beautiful city with its 1.3 million population is on the top of our list because it offers cheaper living and an overall convenient and pleasant environment. The monthly rent of one-bedroom accommodation somewhat removed from the very center of the city can cost around $ 980, which is quite moderate, and a decent house (not on the coast, though) can be purchased for $ 400,000. The feel of Adelaide is that of a very large country town, relaxed, welcoming but nevertheless brimming with life and working/relaxing opportunities.

The economy of Adelaide includes all major areas including manufacturing, service industries, healthcare, education, and public administration. Skilled immigrants are sought after by many economic segments here. The educational sector is also booming, with plenty of educational institutions and vocational training options. The University of Adelaide is a very big name on the global scale, and some colleges like Bradford College offer dedicated programs for international students to prepare for university studies.

The public transportation network is well developed, car infrastructure is also in place, and prices for goods and services are moderate in comparison to other big destinations. 

All these factors make Adelaide the first place to consider when you plan your immigration.

2) Brisbane

Brisbane goes neck to neck with Adelaide as being the most attractive immigration destination. Prices are pleasantly moderate for accommodation, goods, and services, and the balmy weather makes the city more welcoming than Sydney with chilly winters or cooler Melbourne. Speaking about prices, the cost of the monthly rent of one-bedroom accommodation a bit away from the centre will be around $1,235. It’s a bit higher than in Adelaide but still very moderate in comparison. Queensland is a big state so if you move away from Brisbane into a smaller city like Townsville, it gets even more affordable and a bit more tropical. Buying land in Townsville is more affordable so you’ll get a reasonable price, plus you’ll get to enjoy better weather and just be a short flight from Brisbane and many Southeast Asian countries.

The city with 2 million inhabitants is very relaxed and comfortable for both family and solo living. Both public transportation systems and car infrastructure are fine, but mind that many car roads are one-way, so navigation may be a bit tricky.

Brisbane’s main economic areas are tourism and manufacturing, and for people willing to work there will always be a decent job. Educational opportunities also abound, with some of the biggest universities like The University of Queensland and schools located here.

The low costs of living, amazing climate, and laid-back living environment make Brisbane a very desirable place to live, so mark it on your map.

3) Hobart

Hobart should be on your radar because it is relatively cheap to leave in and it hosts one of the best locations for family relocation – the Kingston suburb. In regard to pricing, the rent of housing is affordable, but the utility bills are higher than in other areas. The city moves at a slower pace and features vibrant art life and limitless opportunities for foodies. Overall, it’s a pleasant city for family life, with a great climate and the amazing Derwent river scenery.

Transportation happens mostly by cars and buses, the city plan is grid-like and simple, so you’ll hardly get lost.

The economy of Hobart is described as insulated, which is both good and not so good. The good part is that it’s less prone to crashes caused by the global economy, but the bad part is that such an economy does not offer speedy growth opportunities. It moves at a steady pace. The very good part, though, is that the Tasmanian Government migration unit can help with finding employment and the State Migration Plan lists plenty of positions in hospitality, construction, automotive, healthcare, and engineering. So finding a job wouldn’t be hard.

The education scene is also rich, with plenty of universities and vocational programs assisting migrants in acclimatization, so to say, and alignment with academic requirements.

For all the listed reasons, Hobart is often cited as one of the top cities for migration.

4) Melbourne

Now let’s move to big cities that are symbols of Australia, so to say. Melbourne is pricy to live in, although not as expensive as Sydney. The rent of a one-bedroom apartment far from the central district will cost you around $1,237. Yet the high costs of living are compensated by the truly urban vibe with a busy life and immense cultural and creative opportunities. Melbourne is the cultural and sporty capital of Australia, with plenty of areas to live in for lovers of nature, sport, and arts, for those seeking the thrill of the city, and those admiring the country life. The city features a cooler clime than other parts of the country, so people arriving from colder areas may select it safely.

Public transportation is well-developed and convenient. Job opportunities are multiple, including positions in automotive, engineering, healthcare, education, finance, and IT fields.

The education of Melbourne deserves a separate article. The city hosts a bunch of world-class universities like the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Monash University. The city is also known for its excellent R&D opportunities, so migrants who want to engage in research activities should keep it in mind.

Except for the prices, Melbourne can be highly recommended as an immigration destination.

5) Sydney

The iconic city with its mind-blowing swan-like opera house is the most expensive destination in Australia. Renting a one-bedroom apartment beyond the city centre limits can cost you around $1,625 per month, which is very expensive in comparison to big cities across the world. However, Sydney is the biggest city in Australia with a population of 4.6 million, and it opens endless opportunities for working people, students, and tourists alike. It is culturally diverse, hosts a bunch of districts that differ in landscapes and key attractions, and immerses everyone into the speed-of-light life tempo from dawn to dusk (and beyond).

Public transportation is often derided by the locals, but it is nevertheless very good by common standards. If you prefer to drive, the road network is available, although traffic jams can occur regularly in certain directions (from West to Central BD, for example).

The economy of Sydney is larger than that of Singapore and is equally efficient. It includes knowledge-intensive areas like IT and communications, R&D, education, as well as finance and creative industries. If you have some skills, you won’t be unemployed for long.

You can assess the city’s academic attractiveness by the fact that it is regularly ranked as the 6th city in the world in the list ‘best for students.’ The University of Sydney and the University of New South Wales are both located here, not to mention many smaller but competitive universities.

Cultural potential, the number of key events, entertainment, and professional options make the city indispensable on the world map. If you have some cash to spend while starting your life in Australia, it is definitely worth doing it in Sydney. These are places you should consider when you plan your move to Australia, definitely, there are many smaller locations with cheaper pricing, but they can be either removed far from civilization or lack vibrancy and potential for immigrants who need a job and a good school for kids. So make your choice and let us help you in making this big residential transition smooth and fast.

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