TotalAV: Best Antivirus Newcomer in 2019

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Nowadays, users enjoy a broad choice of software to use on their multiple devices. When it comes to antivirus, many prefer to choose solutions suggested by long-time existing and reliable companies. There’s no doubt that software giants put many efforts to provide the best solution, but here is an antivirus newcomer that will surprise even the experienced users. Meet and greet Total AV. How good is Total AV? Let’s find out.

Why choose Total AV?

Total AV is the right choice for modern users, especially for the less experienced part of them. The point is that Total AV provides essential protection based on the requirements of the contemporary use of devices. The greatest threat the users are exposed to comes from the Internet. So the best antivirus solution must ensure that none of your devices will be infected while you’re surfing online and download files.

What is more, Total AV will not put you in trouble when speaking of the protection of different types of devices. The antivirus software is available for Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android. Irrespective of the combination of devices you have – they all will be safe and secure.

Is Total AV better than competitors?

Nowadays, most advanced antivirus software companies provide excellent protection and support for average users. Total AV is no exception. Its settings and simple interface will not confuse you even if you use an antivirus software for the first time.

What makes Total AV different from its powerful competitors is incredible speed. Total AV can complete the full scan of your device within 20-25 minutes while most popular programs would take 40 minutes or even more than an hour. Besides, Total AV is almost invisible on your device thankfully to optimized settings and unbelievably small RAM space its takes – only 20 Mb!

Hence, Total AV suggests a free version of antivirus software and several packages for purchase. The free version provides reliable protection, especially for online activities. The paid variants offer valuable extensions that many competitors don’t offer. For example, there is a robust VPN service, super fast support, and smartphone optimizer.

Comparing the paid programs to AV’s competitors, you’ll see that Total AV outruns them, providing great functionality for a more affordable price. Essential Antivirus pack costs $19.95/year, Antivirus Pro is available for $39.95/year, and Ultimate Antivirus 2019 costs $59.95/year. Most users will feel comfortable with the Essential version. But in case you subject your devices to higher risk, pay attention to Pro and Ultimate plans.

How good is Total AV?

Total AV is great for regular users who pursue simplicity in managing their devices. A significant advantage of the antivirus is that it smoothly runs on some outdated devices that do not obtain powerful processors or huge RAM. Using other antivirus software, it often occurs that you will have to struggle with the slow speed after installation. Total AV respects your time and runs smoothly, thanks to set optimization.

Some of the essential pros of Total AV are:

  • free version available
  • high speed for the full scan
  • minimum hardware demands
  • optimized for each device
  • strong protection against phishing and malicious URL
  • affordable paid packages
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

There are also several cons to consider:

  • limitations of the firewall protection in the free version
  • no independent laboratory tests because the software is new
  • the paid plans are not the most attractive on the market.

Final thoughts

You will enjoy using Total AV because it does not require any knowledge of the topiс. It provides reliable protection for most popular systems without an overload of the hardware.

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