The Best Swiss Luxury Watches to Check Out In 2021

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The world of luxury watches really is an intriguing one. It is something that is borderline magical in the sense that there is so much to explore and check out. There is a whole array of invigorating mechanical watches to look out for. This is what essentially makes luxury watches so thrilling and interesting. This write-up will be focussing on the various watches in the markets that you need to check out right now.

The haute horlogerie industry is without a doubt a place that can take your breath away. So, without any further ado, let us just begin.

IWC Da Vinci

The IWC Da Vinci was the first Quartz powered watch from the Swiss luxury watchmaker. The timepiece has evolved a great deal over the years and it goes without a saying that today, it is among the best of the best. The timepiece is classy, elegant, functional, and efficient.

Bvlgari Octo

The Bvlgari Octo is a masterstroke from the luxury watchmaker. The entire collection is clad with references that have made records and set new benchmarks for the whole Haute Horlogerie industry. It goes without a saying that the Bvlgari Octo is way ahead of its time.

Omega Seamaster

The Omega Seamaster is a legend among luxury tool watches. The legacy of the Omega Seamaster is undoubtedly among the top tier of Swiss watches. The watch has been in the Omega family for over half a century and by the looks of it, it is here to stay.

Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang started its journey back in 2005 and ever since then there has been no looking back. The collection is avant-garde, edgy, and it is out of the box. The Big Bang has set a new level of competition altogether. The watches are perfect in terms of making a statement and setting oneself apart.

Rolex Submariner

As far as tool watches are concerned, the Rolex Submariner is by far the most popular. The watch started it all for other dive watches. It set a benchmark in terms of precision, function, and quality. The Rolex Submariner got an update in the form of the brand new 41 mm Submariner and Submariner Date. 

Longines Conquest

Longines Conquest is a collection that has put Longines on the global map in recent times. Not only does the collection do a fantastic job in adding the much needed contemporary flair in Bvlgari watches, it also does a tremendously good job at maintaining the authenticity of the brand’s designs.

Cartier Santos

The Cartier Santos was the watch that started it all for the brand as a watchmaker. It was the first men’s wristwatch and, in some ways, the first pilot’s watch as well. It was and still is one of Cartier’s most precious creations till date. The collection houses some truly fine and exquisite references with automatic mechanical movements and fascinating complications.

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