5 quick tips to speed up your website load time

speed up your website

Website speed up is one of the ranking method from Google and here we will discuss few tips how to speed up your blog and decrease loading time of your blog.

There are so many factors by which we can reduce the page loading time and we need to care about all those steps to speed up your website.

On page optimization, off page optimization, social media optimization, JavaScript and CSS optimization – all these are part of website loading time.

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There are so many website that shows the score of your website loading time. Compare with other websites how they are different with your site and how they are one step ahead.

Here we discussed 5 tips that can speed up your website load time:

1) Place JavaScript at the bottom:

Try to place JavaScript at the bottom as this will make your page loading fast. After downloading all the data, at last browser download the JavaScript files in the end.

2) Avoid inline CSS:

Include all the styles in one page and that will reduce the download speed.

3) Reduce HTTP request:

Make less HTTP request that can serve fast while going to another page within your site. Through merging css and js files you can minimize the HTTP request.

4) GZip compression:

Using GZip compression you can be able to place a simple code at the top of the page if you are using PHP and that can make site load faster.

5) Use Browser Cache:

Enabling browser cache, your webpage will be much faster than previous visit. For the second time, this need not any call data again as it is already in cache.

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