The top Google SEO updates that you should know about

Google SEO updates

Your business website is a major marketing tool however you must ensure customers find you in search engines so that your leads and sales increase. Google is one of the most popular search engines people use for getting information on any subject in the world. It makes a consistent effort to ensure that the user gets valuable content and, in the mission, to do so it has a series of updates that evaluate websites and ensure they comply with high standards!

SEO updates play a significant role in the ranking websites. As a business owner and webmaster, you should be aware of these updates for your business website. Your site is an indispensable marketing and promotional tool; it is crucial for you to be aware of these updates that are recently released and sometimes changed so that you can evaluate your website and check that everything is in sync. In case, you violate any of the update specifications listed; Google will severely penalize you.

Google SEO updates for 2017-2018

Given below is a brief description of Google SEO updates of 2017-2018:

  1. The Hummingbird Update – This Google update arrived on the scene in 2013, and it plays a pivotal role in determining website ranks. There are over 200 factors that determine website ranks on Google. Mobile marketing was focused here due to the surge of smartphone usage in the market. The word hummingbird meant to be fast and exact, and this update revolves around the whole phase of a single keyword. The Hummingbird update identifies keyword stuffing, checks the application of mobile technology, uses the Knowledge Graph to derive improved search results and concentrates on the long-tailed keywords and their effectiveness.
  2. Penguin Update – Introduced in 2012, The Google Penguin Update identified spamming websites. This update penalized those websites that violated the terms Webmaster Guidelines of Google. It was also hard with those websites that were using Black Hat SEO techniques to increase the search engine rankings of their websites. It recognizes those websites that have valuable content and punishes those websites that have spam content.
  3. Panda Update –The Google Panda Update stops websites that have low-quality content from reaching the top of search engine ranks. Some websites got away and were not hit by this update however Google Panda still catches them through its different updates. This is key to webmasters and website owners to evaluate their content and ensure that improvements are made so that the Google Panda update does not penalize them. Some of the salient features of this update for search engine optimization is Google appreciates new content; websites must be careful with affiliate links and ads, sites should not have multiple pages that have the same keyword, content should not be scraped and more.
  4. Pigeon Update – The Google Pigeon update improves the location tracking of search engine results and helps in SERPs. This update is an advantage for local business owners.
  5. Mobile Friendly Update – The Google Mobile-Friendly SEO Update arrived in 2015. It focuses on mobile-friendly websites. Experts say that these websites should be fast to load on smartphones so that the user gets the results he wants. It is essential for webmasters to hire people who can reduce server response time WordPress and know this SEO friendly platform if they want to provide their present and future customers with a user-friendly experience.
  6. Google Payday Update – This update was released in 2013 with the objective to remove spam content in the form of payday loans and pornographic content. This update penalized websites that used spam content for improving their website rankings.
  7. Pirate Update – This SEO update of Google deals with those websites that have copyright infringement issues. It has a special DMCA system to detect such websites and penalize them. It has received many regular updates to catch sites that are flouting copyright guidelines on Google.
  8. EMD update – EMD means Exact Match Domain, and it is a filter that is used by Google to penalize low-quality websites from getting ranked high on the search engine for their matching search terms.
  9. Top Heavy-Duty Update – Introduced in 2012 this update penalized websites that were loaded with too many advertisements.
  10. Page Rank Update – Here Google tallies link votes and check the pages of the website that are the most critical amongst them. However, Google has not updated or made any improvements to it as of now. It had stated that it has no intention to use it for its toolbar as well.

Therefore, the above are the ten main SEO updates for Google that you must be aware of if you are a business owner. It is imperative for you to evaluate your website and ensure that you are aware of these updates so that you face no penalties from this major search engine for your business website.

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