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In the last few years, social media platforms have pivoted heavily towards video content. People are producing and consuming video content more than ever before. It is possible to create engaging video content instantly. Not just that, it is also possible to make the video go viral if you do things systematically and in the right way.

If you are working on a professional video, hiring a media agency would be the simplest thing. Not everyone needs to invest in a professional agency to create video content. Videos can be created with no cost and little effort.

If you are a beginner and just learning how to make videos for social media, everything may seem overwhelming. That is exactly where this article will help you in guiding you through the video creation process. It is now your turn to become a video producer and create engaging video content.

Follow these tips to be efficient as you navigate this space:

Why do you Need Video Content for Social Media?

The answer to this question is simple.

Most of the content on social media is videos, which is the type of content that your users will prefer. This preference also extends to the kind of marketing material social media users want to watch.

If your potential customers want it, you need to deliver it.

Tips for Creating Engaging Video Content, Instantly

Use equipment that is available to you, shoot in good locations, and work with affordable tools. In short, this is the full download of the winning formula for instantly creating engaging video content.

Here are some more tips for you:

Don’t Over-customize

If your goal is to create engaging videos instantly, the emphasis is on the word “instantly.” Make ample use of templates. Any video-making software worth its salt will have a decent set of templates to offer.

The good thing about these templates is that they are already optimized for social media. They have been tested on different devices like PCs, tablets, and mobile phones. If you customize or make your own video, which you can, it takes significant time to complete production. 

Once you produce the video, it’s a good idea to run the video on various devices and make edits to optimize for different screen sizes. Our advice is to spend less time on creating the video and invest more time in making it engaging on social media.

Make the Video Relatable

Engagement on social media is an emotional response. People will not like or comment on a video if they are not emotionally charged with the content it contains. People engage in videos both for positive and negative reasons. As a content creator, your job is to evoke positive emotions. 

A heartwarming video receiving a million likes indicates that the viewers have related to the video. To create relatable videos, you have to understand your target audience.

A simple way of identifying your target audience is to profile them in a privacy-safe way. Analyze the followers of your Instagram handle or Facebook page. Dig deep into your CRM data and identify common traits around age groups, preferences, and anything else that stands out. The profile you build with all these attributes is your target audience.

Use All the Resources at Hand

For quickly building engaging videos, you should have a hustler mindset. Be scrappy and do more with whatever you have on hand.

Do you have a smartphone on you? Record your videos using your phone’s camera. Would you like to add effects? You can use one of the hundreds of apps available to do that. Do you want to add music? Most apps have royalty-free music you can use to spruce up your video. The social media platforms themselves provide royalty-free music for content creators to use. 

These days you don’t even need to edit the video on a computer. Your video can go from shooting to editing and publishing all on your phone with a good movie maker online

Keep Trying Until You Get it Right

Experiment, experiment, and experiment some more. Don’t settle for the first cut, even if you get a decent engagement for your video on social media. Track the numbers and keep experimenting to see what works best for you.

You should post different types of videos to see which one gets the most engagement. People prefer different types of videos based on the topic being discussed. When you shoot, create different kinds of videos so you can experiment later. 

Try posting on different days of the week and at different times in a day. You will be surprised how much of a difference the posting time has on the engagement of a video. Unfortunately, there is no standard answer for the best time to post a video. You need to experiment to find your sweet spot as a content creator.

Trends Work!

There is a reason why trends work on social media. The catchy music we listen to for less than 5 seconds on our newsfeed haunts us. We immediately develop a sense of familiarity with it and stop to watch the video using the music before scrolling.

Recreate the current trend in your video, be it a viral dance step, a new face filter, or enacting something, don’t be shy to be in front of the camera. Do you notice television ads showing celebrities endorsing a product dancing a viral step? That is the power of social media.

Be a Good Storyteller

No amount of tricks will replace the basic art of being a good storyteller. Even if you are working on a video that you want to create instantly and post, have a plot and narrate powerfully. 

While a few seconds may seem like very little time to do anything at all, you will be surprised how much can be packed into that time. Watch the work of other creators to get inspiration. 

In the world of social media videos, storytelling and editing go hand in hand. Edit your video to bring out your creative side. Videos that are sharp in communicating their message end up being the most engaging overall.


Video is the king of social media these days. If you are considering making videos instantly to publish on social media, you are on the right track. Begin by watching numerous videos on the various platforms you want to publish. This exercise will widen your understanding of what works on social media and what doesn’t.Once you are armed with this information, create your video. Keep your videos short and impactful. Use catchy music, and don’t forget to spend considerable time experimenting. Remember to use royalty-free music. If you follow all this, you will start noticing much better engagement in your videos.

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