How To Get More Followers On Instagram

Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the widely used social media platforms. Since its launch in October 2010, Instagram has proven to be one of the best social media apps for personal, brand, and business promotion.

As of July 2022, Instagram boasts approximately 1.4 billion followers scattered across the globe. Did you read that figure rightly? Well, If you use it the right way, you are likely to reach as many Instagram users and surpass your target.

You could ask yourself, “What does it take to get it right?” Or, “How do I get more users on Instagram?” Not to worry, this article will explain the basic details about “getting it right” on Instagram.

Tips And Processes To Get More Followers On Instagram

Asides from the common techniques of deploying a bot for Instagram likes, below are the basic tips and processes to get more followers on Instagram.

Page and Bio optimization

The first thing people notice about your Instagram page is the layout and details. You should have a standard username and visible profile picture. How you arrange every post, the available information, and details about your page will leave a lasting impression on your visitors.

Since you can use 150 characters for your bio, it is in your best interest to create a compelling bio with those characters. Ensure you summarize the essential details of yourself, the product, or the services you are rendering, followed closely by a link to your website.

The “link-in-bio” is the only clickable link on Instagram (at the moment). You should ensure the link leads to an active website and is constantly updated.

Consistent customer engagement

If you are running an Instagram page, especially for a brand or a business page, one of the proven ways to get more followers is to engage everybody that makes an impression on your posts.

Most times, you tend to overlook people’s impressions of your posts. It is important to understand that most people who comment on a post desire to be (satisfactorily) replied to.  You can go the extra length of following every user that likes your content; many of them will follow back.

Social media handlers make the mistake of liking people’s comments and moving on to the next. That’s a good one, but when you reply to comments and keep the engagement, you are more likely to win the heart of such individuals, thereby increasing your followers.

Relevant and Trending Hashtags

You can increase your Instagram page visibility by using the right hashtags. The right hashtags include identifying the relevant and trending hashtags.

Every niche on Instagram has its peculiar hashtag; you should ensure you use the relevant ones as part of your caption when you upload your content. You do not have to bombard your page or caption with hashtags; some tools will suggest the trending hashtag for you. Do ensure that you use the hashtags creatively and moderately.

If you use the right hashtag, when other users input the hashtag keywords into their search column, your post will be suggested among several results. That way, your page becomes more visible.

Project collaboration and partnership

One of the best ways to get more Instagram followers and increase your brand visibility is to collaborate with industry players. Every niche and industry has its industry players or influencers.

These influencers have built their identity over a period of time and enjoy the patronage of their fans. If you curate a project and bring these industry players or influencers on board, your project will attract their attention.

The bulk of the work is identifying the right industry players, brand ambassadors, and influencers to collaborate with. Even though it is capital intensive, you are assured of a good return on investment.

A recent example of brand collaboration is the partnership between Nike, Virgil Abloh, and Serena Williams. The collaboration is to launch the “Queens” collection, a special sports kit for ladies.


If you are just building your Instagram page or are stuck with low followers, you can buy followers or deploy a bot for Instagram likes. Dedicate enough time and be consistent with the tips explained above – you will see tremendous results.

Increasing your followers and page visibility will bring about increased sales and patronage. Similarly, your personality or brand would reach a wider audience, thereby increasing your value.

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