10 social media tips to boost your engagement instantly

Social Marketing Tips

Today, social media is a place that can make or break a company. It can reduce your visibility instantly and accelerate your growth exponentially. The thing about social media marketing is that it’s time-consuming and requires a lot of engagement from you as well as follows/ likes/ follows etc.

This post will give you 10 powerful tips to skyrocket your social media marketing campaign so you can generate more leads & sales for your business!

Now, without wasting any more time, let’s dive into this post:

1) Have consistency in posting frequency

It’s always better to have a consistent publishing schedule rather than just randomly posting stuff anytime soon! Posting ‘whenever’ makes people wonder what your website is up to. It gives the audience a sense of urgency as they won’t know when to check your stuff out. So, try and stick with some kind of schedule for publishing content.

2) Plan your Instagram feed before you start sharing

Instagram is one of those social media channels that change frequently. And, if you don’t keep up with those changes, you’re going to lose out on some really neat features and strategies! For example: – You should always post your best work first on IG so it can get featured. – Some users have found that setting their account’s profile photo & username as plain text works better than just an image! This is because more data gets downloaded by the user which leads to faster load times (useful for older smartphones) and more exposure.

3) Use hashtags, but not too many of them

Hashtags are the key to generating engagement on social media. You can use as many hashtags as you want which isn’t a bad thing at all! But try and limit it between 5-10 per post (tries and varies your tags too). If you’re using 30 hashtags per photo, maybe some people won’t even bother scrolling down to see your stuff! So make sure you don’t abuse this feature!

4)  Hashtags strategy is important

Hashtags are one of the easiest ways to get your content in front of more people. It’s also a great way for folks who are interested in your topic or niche to find you! So, make sure you’re using them like crazy, and here’s how: – Only use relevant hashtags (make sure they’re popular enough!) – Don’t overuse them; 1-2 per post should be enough. – Always include at least 1 or 2 “unique” hashtags that aren’t as common because those might help capture the attention of new individuals who otherwise wouldn’t find you! Tip: By including both unique and popular hashtags your posts will score an impressive level of exposure by being in front of both new and current customers.

5) Provide useful content

This is an important step! You have to keep your audience interested at all times so you can generate a continuous follower base. Now, there are several ways to do this but the most common way is by creating a stream of viral articles that people will love to share! It’s also a great idea for you as it’ll help build up a following on your social media accounts because those articles might go into detail about you, your brand or even link back to your stuff! So make sure you stay consistent with the publishing schedule and always provide good content for folks to read.

6) Interact & engage with your followers & subscribers

You’ve probably noticed a lot of big brand accounts doing this a lot. It’s because they want to keep their audience engaged! Engaging back and forth with your audience keeps them from getting bored or upset that you’re not interacting with them.  

7) Use the right hashtags for the job

This is one simple yet effective trick you can use on Instagram! If there’s, let’s say, a photo contest going on in which you think you might have a chance of winning if only people knew about it. Well, don’t just send out a post without tagging relevant hashtags—tagging those will not only get more eyes on your content but also potentially increase your chances at winning by many folds!

8)  Always be authentic

This is a key factor in keeping your audience engaged and even bringing in more viewers. If you’re not being as genuine as possible, chances are that people will notice it and they’ll lose interest. If you don’t feel like you’re staying true to yourself, then just take a break for a while! It’s better than losing those precious followers because of dishonesty.

9) Post less often but create quality content

When it comes down to it, posting too much actually has negative impacts on your social media presence. The reason why big accounts do this is that their account name & username are always plain text which makes their profile easier to access for customers who want top-notch information about or from them! But for small businesses, unfortunately, the opposite is true. So try and post as little as possible but make sure your content is always on point! Don’t worry about how many likes or follows you get, just keep focusing on providing better and more accurate information for your audience to find and read!

10) Share & Tag your friends & other pages

This should be a lot easier than it sounds. Most of us already know that we should share our friend’s work with others by tagging them in posts and comments, but what some people may not know is that you can also tag other pages as well to give them exposure as well as show folks who run those pages some love! It’ll probably even encourage those users to come back to your page, subscribe or even share their social media accounts with you to return the favor!


These are pretty much the best tips I can provide you for keeping your social media presence strong and steady. As long as you keep these things in mind and use them correctly then there’s no doubt that they’ll work wonders for your online viewership! Just try to keep an open mind and flexible attitude while doing this because it may take a while to actually get used to it all but once you do, the results will definitely pay off big time!

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