SEO vs SMO: How To Drive Traffic With Search Engines & Social Media?


SEO and SMO are two key pillars of internet marketing. It is true that this industry is changing constantly and the tactics that were super duper hit yesterday might have faded or are no more in work today. You have to think and plan something fresh each day. This is an evolving job to stay aligned with newer practices, trends, and Google panda and penguin updates.

In this post, we will compare both of them in detail along with their benefits. So, if you are an aspiring business owner, explore which tactic works the best for you. Here comes the detail- 

Start with the definition  

Search engine optimization  

Search engine optimization

SEO is a technique to bring more number of visitors to your site and convert them into leads. This adopts organic methods to improve a website’s ranking on major search engines. It is an amalgamation of diverse tactics to ensure that people who require services or products that you are offering should find you before they go to your competitors.

Social media optimization

Social media optimization

SMO is a part of SEO, and search media optimization works on all social aspects. It includes creating social profiles and optimizing them to make them trending among the target audience. For the sake of building brand recognition, it demands you to participate in the social conversations. Here, both praising clients’ compliments and addressing their complaints should go hand in hand. With this platform, you can know about the likes, dislikes, and specific requirements of your clients.

Methods of SEO  

Best Meta Titles and Descriptions

You need to make sure that you create unique meta title (that informs Google about the page) for each web page. Another crucial part of SEO is meta description (the text snippet) that comes below the title.

Results With Link Building

This is an important practice of SEO, which works to earn links from different other sites. Each link you gain, points back to your website and works as a reliable source to Google. With good quality links, you can improve your website’s position.

Good Keyword Planning

Keyword planning includes, selecting the defined keywords for targeting every single page of your site. In SEO, it is an important process as a good keywords strategy and all pages do not compete with each other as they have a defined purpose with their specific keywords.

A Website Blended With User-friendly Features

Build a responsive website, which is fast to load and has an easy to use interface. With these features, it will definitely help you attain top ranking. 

Easy and Optimized Content

A copy with unique content and optimized with the specific keywords ranks higher on search engines.

Methods of SMO  

Shareable Content Is Created 

Social media is all about liking and sharing. So, create content that people love to share, like and link to. For example, it is ideal to create blog over your website as it is simple to use. 

Content Sharing Is Easy  

You can easily share your content on social media by adding social link button to your blog and website. With good content, it is possible to promote bookmarking, sharing, etc. 

Valuable Content For The Audience 

It is not always possible to attain good traffic in a single shot. Further, you should add outbound links to the content. If the content owns quality, then you will earn a long and loyal fan following.

Rewards For The Loyal Fans

You should share occasional rewards to loyal fans such as thank you, urge them to keep following, and announcing some prizes via quizzes and competitions.

Some Crucial Points  


To remain reported regarding the things that what works for your business and what does not work, you should have effective SMO and SEO analytics. With this, you can conduct keywords analysis, competitors analysis, traffic analysis, as well as combat your competitors and keep yourself updated with the further trends.



As per Google, a website requires 6 months to the span of 1 year for achieving ranking only with SEO. But, SMO generates results in a quite shorter time.

Measurable Results

Both SEO and SMO have their own intricacies to attain required result. So, go ahead with proper planning, keep clearing touch points and enjoy actual conversion.


Thus, both SEO and SMO work with different methods and techniques. For instance, search engine optimization seems shaking with fresh updates that bring ranking chaos and penalties. Here, SMO provides support by striking a balance. Therefore, we can say that they will work wonders when go collectively. SEO will keep working in front and SMO balances business and customers with direct conversations.

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