The inception of car technology: What the future holds?

car technology

Cars have definitely evolved over the years and there are so many technologies that have evolved over the years. Coming down the line the history has experienced a number of changes in the car technology. These days you can find Rigid innovative company like a small ac compressor and dc air conditioner that provides a cooling system in confined spaces.

The car technologies have evolved over the years and there has been a tremendous change in the automobile industry.

Here is a complete evolution in-car technology and how there has been a transformation in the car technology over the years. These days car technologies have changed the way driving is done. Here is a view of how far technology has evolved over the years.

  • The car was invented in 1886 by Austrian Karl Benz. The car had an internal combustion engine with three wheels. Earlier the cars that were invented worked by steam power however, it did not have much success.
  • The world’s first car was produced by Ford’s Model T produced by the assembly line. This marked a great advancement in the world of car technology which made the cars a lot cheap and therefore it made cars available for all. Therefore, the 20hp engine could only reach till reach speed of 45mph, which was basically lesser than the horses.
  • Electric ignition starters were invented in order to introduce in order to start the engine with the button and replace manual hand cranks of the engine. Before the invention of electric ignition starter, hand cranks were supposed to be a little dangerous for the drivers as it could cause injury. After starting the hand cranks it used to result in jumping off the car which was considered to be dangerous as it could cause injury. In 1912 at Cadillac, the electric starter was used for the first time and was widely adopted in the future.
  • The cigarette lighters had a wireless removable component that was heated through electricity. In 1925 there was not a single car without a wireless cigarette lighter. These days cigarette lighter may have not to be used that much but you can still find sockets to plug in various other things.
  • In 1930 the first car radio was introduced. It had monophonic AM frequency. It was the first time that you could enjoy music in a car. However, in 1952 the first radio was added in the cars that could receive FM frequency.
  • Carmakers were constantly looking for ways and means to make driving experience better and comfortable and there were able to introduce coil suspension. In this ever wheel had its own metal spring which was designed to absorb any shock that the driver might feel while driving on bumpy roads.
  • Car keys were invented in 1949 to make it all easy for the drivers. It was invented by Chrysler invented a technology that was used to start the electric starters and for the ignition. Later it was used in most of the cars.
  • The power steering technology was introduced using the hydraulic power in order to increase the pressure on tires as soon as the steering was turned on which indeed saving so much of elbow grease. The power steering was introduced in Chrysler Imperial and was later incorporated in Cadillac after so many years.
  • The air conditioner was first introduced in Chrysler Imperial. The air conditioning came high, medium and low. In the same year, Nash introduced a heating system along with ventilated air conditioning system at the front and end which made driving a really awesome experience.
  • The electric windows were only available in luxury car models and were not an option in most of the car models. However, with time it was introduced in almost every car and now you wind down possibly every car.
  • The airbags were installed in the US official cars however; in 1988 Chrysler also introduced airbags. At first, the airbags were installed only for the drivers however nowadays you can find it for the passengers.
  • In the 19th-century car, makers were working really hard to introduce hybrid motor in the car engine. Later Toyota picked it up and introduced Prius which was highly appreciated by everyone. And now you can find almost every car manufacturer trying to work on hybrid cars.
  • The 4G wi-fi hotspots are one of the latest technologies that have been used in cars. It can be used to turn the car into a travelling 4G router. Therefore it allows the passengers to connect their devices with the internet very easily.

The Future

Though we have witnessed a number of changes ever since the first car was invented it is obvious that in the coming years more technologies are going to be introduced into the world of the automobile industry and is going to make driving worthwhile and a superb experience.

In 2020 Google’s self-driving car is expected to be released. The Waymo has completed its very first driverless test in 2015. Other technologies like gesture controls, biometric access, and windscreen analysis are expected to be the upcoming future of the car industry.

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