Popular Instagram questions, now answered!

Instagram Marketing Tips

1. How do I get to my ideal client?

If your ideal client is not active on a particular platform or social media network, it does not make sense for you to be active there.

Therefore, the goal is to discover where your ideal customers are located.

In general, the most variety can be found on Instagram. That is why we would recommend to start off here, you will find your target group for sure since Instagram is made for everyone. Plus, www.iigers.com can help you reach out to more users from your target group, making your profile instantly popular.

Once again, the needs of your target group are fundamental: who are your ideal clients and what are your goals or dreams? What are you doing online? In which channels do you like to be active and what keeps you so busy?

To find an answer to these questions, you can perform an audit of the presence on the social networks of your company or business.

If you are already active on social networks, you can find out who is connected to your company. What social networks work well and which do not? What content is popular? You can send a small survey (with thanks) to your clients to know their demographic characteristics and content preferences and social media channels. You can do the same internally for your employees and other interested parties to discover how you can offer them improved support with social media networking sites. Even if you are not active on social media yet, this survey is a good idea.

Also, find out what your competitors do in your field regarding social networks. Exactly how active are they? What content is well received by their clients? Perform an analysis of your strengths and weaknesses and let that inspire you.

2. How do I commit to my ideal client?

Each social media channel has its own rules on how to connect better with customers.

On the platforms, such as a blog or podcast, you can decide for yourself what content you create and what people will like to see or read.

In social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, it will be a balance between sharing tips, giving advice, inspiring quotes and listening to what your audience says and, obviously, responding to whatever they have to say.

As a company or employer active on social networks, you must understand your clients. This means, for example, that you do not invite all your contacts to a local event when the majority lives on the other side of the world, or tag everyone in a message at the same time because you want more attention. Or send 50 people at once a private Facebook message with an offer to sell.

Social media exists because people are social. So if you break social rules, you cannot build a good relationship with your customers and followers. Then you become “the person” that everyone prefers to avoid. In the language of Facebook that is called “insensitive” or “deployment.”

3. How do I convert my ideal client?

With social networks for companies, the relationship with the customer is always the focus.

Show the face behind your company, be authentic, listen to your target group, respond and offer your followers added value. Be interesting, use humor, provide help, in short, be generous. Companies that are only active in social networks to increase sales will be disappointed.

Do not use social networks to “sell” something. It is possible, but the power of social networks lies in generating trust, credibility and the image of your company. Think about it, if you are going to network in real life, you take advantage of that time to get to know people, to understand what they are doing and what their problems are. If there is anything, I can help you with, you say. And then you can meet for a coffee and talk more. This way you create a relationship of trust, which is good for business. That is also the way we advise you to start using social media, so step into the conversion with social networks. Get to know people (their hopes, dreams, goals, obstacles) and, if the opportunity arises to help them, direct them to your website (your online office) and only then can you start doing business.

Instagram questions

That does not mean that the purpose of your activity on social networks should not be to turn visitors into customers. But the recommendation is that you subtly approach your potential clients.

The goal is to guide visitors from social media channels to your website so you can explain them more about what you do and why your business is a solution for their problems.

Then, you can communicate with them through email marketing and try to convert them into paying customers.

4. How do you attract people to your website?

To do this, create valuable content besides social networks: your own blog. Then promote that content through links, images, and videos within the different social media channels. It may seem a bit crazy, but the number one tip for social network managing is: focus on creating good content on your website. Material that shows who you are, what you do, what your experience is and how it helps people.

You do this with blogs. Social media is necessary for you to share the content of your blog posts through your social media channels and in this way lead people to your website. You can ensure a consistent online presence on the web through a site with a blog. That is the place where you want to take people. Social media channels such as Instagram can be seen as leased offices, whose rent can be canceled at any time. That is why you need your own blog. This is your permanent office, it’s yours, and only you decide what happens there. No landlord can kick you out. You do not want social media to be your only online presence.

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