Overview of IT Industry

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An Indian IT market consisting of two major components: IT services and business process outsourcing. As per estimated in previous some years the both in the realm grew rapidly by over 11-13% per annum. More importantly, information technology plays a prime role to alter India’s image in the world as a land of innovations. The country is also one of the biggest IT capitals in the globe in which Bangalore, a city located in south known as the silicon valley of India is leading IT exporter inside and outside the nation.

IT Jobs in India:-

The IT industry in India is generating about 10 million workforces all across with the leading demand in the education sector, especially for engineering and computer science. Individuals can opt for a number of jobs right from the data entry operations to developing applications. IT staffers are always in great demand in every business or field as today almost all services depended on this developing sector. The private players like Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Wipro etc. bring new possibilities to skilled persons. On the other hand, the government sector is also taking initiatives to provide IT jobs.

Computer Jobs in India:-

There are a wide variety of fields students with a computer degree can enter. These include computer engineering, computer science and information technology. Computer science careers cover many different topics, such as algorithms and programming languages. Students in this area can get their bachelor’s or master’s degrees. Computer engineering careers are geared towards testing different digital software and inspecting computer equipment. Coursework can include electronic and analog circuits, audio engineering and digital communications. Programs in information technology focus on computer-related needs for different organizations.

Job Prospects in IT and Computer:-

The field all relies on your qualification, experience and substantially more on the interest because there are big picks of jobs to select from. Some of them are:-

● Technical Architect

● Software Engineer

● Functional Analyst

● Web Developer

● IT Consultant

● IT Sales

● Programmers

● Computer Operators

● Computer Technicians

● Data Entry Operator

● Mobile Application Developers

The IT personnel are one of the highest paid employees with stunning salaries, perks, swanky workplaces and many other facilities that make their jobs best among a lot. An average salary starts from 85k to in lacs per annum within the IT sector. The professionals in IT can work in wide sectors with handsome salaries.

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