Office Web Viewer: View Office documents in a browser

office web viewer

Try office web viewer for displaying any office documents on your website or blog and  give your audience a better experience.

This service creates links that open Word, PowerPoint or Excel files in the browser.

We know that, Microsoft up did not offer a comparable service to Google’s Docs Viewer until now. This lets the Internet users to view documents which are already hosted on the Internet without any need for a Google Docs account.

Microsoft’s Office Web Viewer creates the same feature available for us.

view office documents online

The documents can be viewed by any user whether they have a Microsoft account or not. It is displayed as a full page document and you can read, download or print easily using the controls linked on it or made available by the browser.

Office Web Viewer has some benefits

  • You do not need to convert any Office files for the web i.e. PDF or HTML.
  • You don’t have to install Office on your computer. You can view directly on the browser.
  • For computers, tablets or mobile phones you can use only one link.

How to get started

To use Office Web Viewer, click the below link:

To make the URL yourself, you can use the below link by replacing DOC_PATH with your source office document path:

For any type of Office document which is publicly accessible on the internet you can use this and this is useful because users don’t need a special program to view the office documents.

For example, use the below link to view word document online:

Note: Microsoft’s Office Web Viewer is limited to Office documents. It supports only Word, Excel or PowerPoint documents. No other document formats are supported. For supporting additional formats, you can try the Google Docs Viewer instead.

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