3 Easy Ways to Manage Your Documents on iOS

Manage Your Documents on iOS

Use of mobile phones has experienced a drastic increase over the past few years. An average person spends almost 4 hours daily just looking at their phone. And almost 90% of the time you are using your iPhone, is spent in some of its apps. The only thing that makes a difference, is how we use our smartphones and these apps.

Our smartphones can be used for so much more than looking at Facebook or liking pictures on Instagram. It can be used as a great business asset that can help you with document management, as well. Working with documents on your iOS device has never been easier if you have the right apps at your disposal. You can edit, create and store documents on the go, without turning on your Mac.

In order to be more productive with handling your paperwork, read more about the 3 easy ways to manage your documents on iOS.

Use file managers

File managers are the type of apps that allow you to easily search, open and view all kind of documents on your device. The iOS isn’t exactly the most user-friendly type when it comes to moving files around and opening them, of course, unless you hook up to iTunes via a desktop. This makes many iPhone and iPad users furious because they feel like their files are imprisoned inside the complicated iOS folder hierarchy.

Instead, it is highly recommended to use some third-party apps , such as Documents, that can increase your overall document productivity. You can search for any document that you have on your device, cloud services or your Gmail attachments, all in one place. Some other features include file sharing, zipping/unzipping files and password protection for chosen files. Other than that, this app has also a music player that can play audio or video files and file downloader, too.

Convert PDF into editable Word document

Most of the digital documents come in a portable document form or abbreviated PDF. This document type has gained its popularity thanks to the structural integrity, meaning that it will look the same on every device and operating system. Furthermore, it can be password protected and it can contain links, images, custom fonts, buttons and other elements. But, on the other hand, PDF documents can be hardly edited without the use of some tool that can offer a workaround.

PDF converters have been the number one answer whenever you have problems with editing PDF documents and nowadays they are available on iOS, as well. The most needed conversion type is PDF into Word documents, where they can be edited. That is why PDF to Word Converter has been the most reliable partner when dealing with PDFs on the iOS devices. It can be used for converting files on your device storage and cloud services like Google Drive, iCloud, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and Gmail attachments. The free version of the app allows only converting files to Word document, but if you upgrade to paid version, you can get full complete package that can convert back and forth any type of document.

Use Cloud storage

Most iOS devices suffer from the same problem and that is lack of storage place for documents. Also, iOS devices are built without possibilities to add some extra space because there is no slot for SD cards. One convenient solution to this problem is using your cloud storage as a backup for all your documents, pictures and apps. In that, way you can save some space on the device and upload more data on the cloud. Some other benefits of using the cloud are that now you can have instant access to all of your files, whether you are in front of your computer or you are traveling only with your iPhone.

Although iCloud is the default cloud service that is used for the backup on iOS devices, we would also recommend some other services like OneDrive app because of some extra options it offers. With OneDrive you will also get the ability to create and edit files in Microsoft Office, you only need to have Office apps installed on your iPhone. So, you can get 5 GB of free storage, which is less compared to Google Drive, but you will also get the option to automatically backup your photos on OneDrive and the possibility to create and share your documents with your colleagues and friends. This app can also be integrated with a file manager like Documents and PDF to Word converter we mentioned earlier.

Bottom line

Sometimes, the situation just requires you to adapt to a more dynamic today’s environment and  that can be done using your iPhone or iPad. You can greatly improve your document management and productivity on your iOS device by applying these tips. Don’t miss the opportunity to play and test some of these methods yourself, you might discover a whole new world.

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