A New Way to Lead a Business: Unveiling Headless Commerce

Lead a Business

In the technology advanced epoch, the businesses have multiple platforms that stretches across numerous devices to reach their customers. Undoubtedly, the multifaceted digital avenues are an opportunity for businesses to reach potential buyers easily and flexibly. However, this contributed to make the customer journey more complex.

With the current ongoing explosion in the volume of content, channels, devices, and data, the companies that provide ecommerce web development services face difficulty while running everywhere for everything. On the other hand, we have the most advanced technology solution for every manual job, so it should be fragmented into different technology solutions for content management and transactions. However, this division creates fragmented and dispersed digital experiences and this can lead businesses to miss opportunities.

So how you bring consumers make their customer journey better across these multifaceted avenues and channels? The businesses need to consolidate this fragmented experience into a consistent and mutually linked experience for the customers. This is important for uplifting the brand value, ensuring business growth and achieving continuous customer footfall across the channels. Any ecommerce solutions provider need to address this fragmented experience by creating detailed customer journeys with templates, detailed navigation map, and tools for personalization.

As per a recent Forrester study, there have been 3 key approaches of doing ecommerce business that most retailers are now interested in.

Some retailers prefer all-in-one commerce suites allowing users to connect every facet of a business dispersed across channels and locations. This approach is typically suited to retailers who are at the initial stage of making an ecommerce presence along with their physical retail stores.

Another well-known approach preferred by retailers is referred as best-of-breed approach. This refers to adopting single software for every business function and then interlinking them with each other. This obviously comes with the challenge of meeting time, cost, and expertise needs for such integration. It is popular among enterprise grade endeavors with robust IT focus.

Lastly, the most advanced approach is the headless commerce suite approach which is also well known as micro services.  Thanks to this approach the online retailers can unleash shopping features for their commerce suites that can further be embedded into other digital interfaces apart from their ecommerce websites. This allows the retailers monetizing their contents across social media, other third party apps or other websites. The core of this approach is basically a set of application programming interfaces (APIs) that is embedded into various contents across channels. Through this buying opportunities can be automatically be created through images, videos, banners, and so on.

The headless commerce approach has become popular because of its effectiveness in driving Omni channel success for an ecommerce business. As the world of digital experience is dominated by multiple types of contents engaging users continuously, the commerce that is delivered and served through contents engages audience better. This is precisely the reason behind the increasing popularity of headless commerce approach.

The headless commerce approach also works great to incorporate creativity into commercial transactions of ecommerce ventures. Naturally, it is benefited with more engagement score. Thanks to this marketers can now spread commerce-enabled content creating a more multifaceted customer journey.

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