Why People are Starting to Buy their Memory Cards in Bulk

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Storage is something that we really cannot get enough of! Compared with years of old, we now store almost everything on our computers, our phones, tablets and cameras and without a certain storage capacity on each device, we would have a problem. There is very little now that requires paper storage and the days of large, cumbersome filing cabinets are all but over. With any form of storage on a device, there comes a level of responsibility and that responsibility would involve the user backing up all of his / her files for safety. Technology is great, it saves us time, it is efficient and certainly far less cumbersome than using paper storage methods but if you have ever experienced  a time when your device crashed or decided not to switch on, it is a very different story as files can be and are lost, sometimes permanently and for most of us that would spell disaster as much of our information, whether it be our photos, videos or documents is irreplaceable.

Devices can run out of storage and for those who use their mobile phone, for example, as a camera for their holiday pics, they may have experienced that situation when they are unable to take any more photographs and even after deleting what is no longer needed, only a small amount of space is freed up. Software and apps are taking up more space as technology develops and it may be that if you have an older device, your storage capacity is not keeping pace.

The solution for some people is not just to buy a memory card but to buy their memory cards in bulk and here are some of the reasons why people choose to do just that.


It makes financial sense to buy your memory cards in bulk. You will normally manage to obtain a discounted price for bulk orders and you will more than likely be able to save money on the cost of postage too. If you are a business who makes regular use of memory cards, it makes even more sense as the unit price for bulk orders is usually far more competitive than for one off purchases. You do not have to be a mathematician to work out that even a small saving per item will mount up to be a large saving over time thus helping with company profits. Even with smaller orders, it is worth taking advantage of the savings.

Time and Effort

Buying in bulk means that you can store the cards until you are next ready to use them.You do not have to make an order every time you require to have a new card and with our ever increasing use of storage, it should not be long until you require to do that.

Organise Your Storage

Buying in bulk means that you will have plenty storage to be able to back-up all of your files and not only that, you can use different cards for different items to allow you to create a library of files, pictures, audio, video etc. You can label, colour code, and store in the many storage options that are available.  It may be that you never need to use your backup files but you will have them at the ready should the need arise.

Passing on Data

Having memory cards at the ready allows you to use them to pass on information. The information may be be stored on the card and passed for example to a friend, relative, colleague or business partner. It is a great way to give a present, maybe a compilation of photographs or it is a great way to pass on information in a business to save internal storage and also to allow for the portability of the data.

On the Move

We are all busy and constantly on the move and as such will be working perhaps in an office and also at home and perhaps at other venues too. Having the portability of the memory card allows us to be able to have our files with us when we are moving around. For those who are involved in presenting information to others, it is a useful way of being able to carry data around and as memory cards which are bought in bulk come at a very reasonable unit cost, presentations and information can be separated out into different cards to allow an organised structure. It also allows us to have the flexibility to use our information on other devices and it can also prove helpful at family events when not may be nice to show pictures and videos. For those without a home printer, it allows you to move data and files to your place of work for printing there at a later stage.

Be Innovative

Companies are always trying to come up with the next idea to engage their clients. Using different times of the year, for example at Christmas time, an abundant supply of memory cards allows a business to come up with some creative gifts for their clients, maybe a video, maybe a card, but a unique gift that will keep you on the forefront of your client’s mind.

Whatever your storage requirements, there will be a memory card which will suit your needs. Cards come in different sizes to accommodate all types of storage. Do not be tempted to buy your cards from a less than reputable seller, the quality of the card is important. You want it to be reliable and there is evidence to suggest that there are unscrupulous dealers who will sell cheap cards which are prone to fail. Your data is important so make sure that you keep it safe by purchasing quality cards. Good quality bulk memory cards are very competitively priced now anyway. Check out the company’s reviews prior to your purchase and do not hesitate to contact the supplier prior to purchase with any of your questions, it is always a good way to test their support!

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