From fashion to tech: 7 presents that will seriously owe you this year

fashion to tech

It is no wonder that the future of fashion will now largely depend on the continuously emerging innovations in technology. Several brands and the fashion industry is always at the cutting edge on innovating new styles for everyone.

This is the best time for you to look at the latest trends of several gadgetries to create a perfect gift or present for your loved ones. Let’s take a look at some of the newest and fashionable tech presents that will surely owe you this year.

1: The most luxurious earphones

As you may have noticed, the trend in fashionable headphones is increasingly becoming more and more popular. If you want to surprise someone who truly loves and his passion for music, then you might probably want to present this awesome napa leather earbud set.

This will surely make them groove to their favorite music in style. It comes with an 18K gold accents which makes it’s a fine jewelry and a futuristic item at the same time. Additionally, you can also opt for this awesome stylish headphone if you want a perfect holiday present.

2: The Chicest Smartwatch

Watches can surely add style whatever your dress or suit is. In the market, the demand for smartwatches is increasing this is because, well, smart. Most of them can sync up to your phone in order to track your everyday fitness and notify you when you have a new email or new text – how awesome is that?

The Chicest Smartwatch

3: The Print-happy Portable phone charger

Worrying about your phone battery in an emergency? Good thing technology has to offer with those problems. One of these solutions includes a portable charger for your smartphones.

It eliminates the problems of stacking up bulky charger cords in an envelope clutch. This adorable printed portable charger will surely give you a convenient tool while having the sense of fashion at the same time.

4: Smart Bracelet and smart jewelry

Smartphones, smartwatches, and now – smart bracelets. Technology truly doesn’t stop to introduce new advances that make our lives easier. With several smart bracelets available in the market, you can be notified with reminders about the time for your exercise, taking pills, and any events or appointments.

In addition, you can also purchase a dreamy bracelet that can sync with your phone, vibrate or light up when a notification is received. Some of the units can also feature a guided meditation that is perfect if you need a minute to relax and release any stress after a long day. Just like smartwatches and smart bracelets, it can also have a fitness tracking system that could track your steps and reminds you of your fitness data.

5: Text-friendly gloves

During the winter season, your fingers can be practically frozen which is why advances in technology now give us ways to text someone without freezing your fingers on a cold winter. One of it is the text-friendly gloves which allow you to type on your tablet or phone screen.

This innovative fashion glove uses a special fibre that has been purposely designed to protect your hands from getting cold or even avoid missed texts.

Text-friendly gloves

6: Hi-tech Arm party

The range of wearable tech offers a functional purpose on the stylish side. One of the trendiest fashion items is the functional arm party that has typically USB cable for your smartphones or tablet. Watches and arm parties are important accessories apart from being a necessity.

However, when it comes to aesthetics, a statement watch or timepiece like smart watches or high-tech arm parties can make your outfit.

7: Laser Skin tightening technology

Fashion doesn’t have to always mean clothing or styles but also in cosmetics. Makeups, eyeliners, skin products are now become affected as the technology grows. Several cosmetic clinics are now offering gift coupons for laser skin tightening and other skin treatment technologies. So this type of gift for their skin renewal may make them excited. These gifts are now used across the world to help people to obtain a younger looking skin to meet up their styles.


The continuously evolving and innovations in technology truly have a significant impact on the fashion industry. In terms of automated and functional smart watches, portable power banks, stylish and futuristic headphones, smart fabrics, and other cosmetic technologies.

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