How to Multiply Your Lead Generation Power With Marketing Automation?

Lead Generation Power With Marketing Automation

The push button era of the 21st century has led to many innovations. From touchscreen car consoles to gadgets with fingerprint recognition, anything that makes life easier, faster and more convenient will become not just nice-to-have, but a must-have.

Take marketing automation, for example. Decades ago, marketers go through miles of processes and need to conduct a flurry of activities to generate leads.

With the advent of technology, automation platforms and software systems have made it easier to streamline tedious tasks. At best, it can even eliminate the need to do manual marketing labor completely.

Here are some ways on how to use a marketing automation tool to amplify your lead generation power:

1. Use it to empower emails.

Email remains as one of the best ways to generate leads. Because of its familiarity to consumers, they are more comfortable using – and receiving – emails even for marketing purposes.

However, antiquated ways of using email marketing through unsolicited tactics often backfire. With spamming and email filtering tools, your marketing money will be better used if you invest it in marketing automation.

With marketing automation software, emails can be programmed to target specific audiences. Segmentation according to demographics, psychographics and other behavioral data to narrow down leads is one of the most useful benefits of marketing software technology.

With an agile automation tool, you can identify and define whom you want to send your emails to, what messages to send, and when to send it.

By making use of automated email tools, you can strategically craft your messages to support your campaign and guide your leads toward a sales funnel for a more productive and efficient ROI.

Using a succinct subject line, engaging and concise email content, attractive images, integrated social links and compelling call-to-action, you can maximize the use of email to meet or exceed your targets.

2. Use it to sync sales and marketing.

Marketing automation can bridge the gap between sales and marketing efforts.

Primarily, automated lead scoring can effectively determine which leads are ready for sales interface. When the marketing team already knows which ones are “ripe for the picking,” they can then pass it on to the sales group who can work their magic on these leads and increase the chances of sales conversion.

From data gathering, lead nurturing and turnover to the sales department, all crucial information can be readily accessed through a marketing automation tool.

Record-keeping and relevant information can also be stored within the system for cross-divisional transparency. By providing easy access to information, both parties can collaborate effectively in guiding the leads to the end of the sales process.

3. Use it to leverage landing pages.

You can control how your landing pages will work to generate leads through marketing automation. Knowing your leads through automated data gathering, you can similarly create custom landing pages that will siphon relevant information to a specific campaign, product, or offer.

At the same time, precise marketing messages can be directed to specific audiences through a particular landing page. You will support and aid your customers through personalized messages dedicated to where they are in the purchase process.

For example, those who have queries can be directed to a landing page with an FAQ and/or a bot assistant while those who are ready to make a purchase can be led directly to a sales landing page.

Marketing automation can help you in warming up leads through engaging information that keeps your business top of the mind of your consumers. It will also enable you to present finely crafted messages for upsell opportunities to interested buyers and catch leads that have fallen through the sales cracks.

It can work to your great advantage if you know how to choose the right automation solution and make it work to serve and achieve your goals. By effortlessly automating leads gathering, you can condition and nurture leads that will ultimately lead to business profitability.

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