Skills SEO Content Writers Need to Succeed


Contrary to the popular belief, content writers these days also have to be SEO specialists because the purpose of all search engine optimization methods is to provide keywords without ruining the readability. Nevertheless, it is always a debate between common sense and the overfilling of various LSI keywords that stand for Latent Semantic Indexing. It is one of the reasons why content writers must focus on additional skills to implement all of the relevant tools and strategies correctly. Even though SEO strategies are rarely shared, there are still rules of thumb that must be followed when aiming to create engaging and inspiring content.

Skills SEO Content Writers Need To Succeed

Understanding of the content objectives.

This factor should not be ignored ever because every content writer these days should study and analyze each part of the text first. Even if you are not the original author and work with provided chapters or reviews, it becomes even more important. Take your time to check the purpose of the content and see where it relates and how it fits the target audience. It can get time-consuming and even uneasy, yet if you want to succeed both as a content writer and an SEO specialist, this should be your first step!

Accurate grammar and style.

If an average content writer makes grammar and spelling mistakes, it is not only making things look rather unprofessional but also affecting SEO ranking in a negative way. As a solution, one may consider top essay writing service to approach an expert to proofread and check the content for readability and accuracy. Even if the SEO creator has the aforementioned skills, double-checking is essential! It is what professional writers and journalists always do to maintain an unbiased approach to proofreading.

An ability to write inspiring hooks.

Approach it just like a basic college assignment where you have an introduction with a great hook, a thesis statement, body paragraphs that list all the essential elements, and a strong conclusion. Keep your structure correct and distribute keywords evenly but always start with an inspiring hook to catch your audience’s attention first.

Accurate distribution of keywords and links.

Fortunately, this skill is what one learns with the help of practical experience. The more content you create and process, the better you get in result. If you are not sure how to distribute things through the text, think about learning SEO at home free of charge to see why keywords are important and what are the anchors for the links. It may sound like rocket science at first but once you see templates and examples, it starts making sense!

Proofreading & Editing Matters

Unfortunately, this aspect is often ignored as SEO content writers bring minor changes to the content, add new keywords, make updates, break down lengthy paragraphs into several smaller ones, and check for the presence of hyperlinks. The problem here is that they rarely take time to actually proofread and edit the text to maintain readability and the purpose of the original author. Since content writers usually do both tasks, they must set a certain point when all the SEO work is done to check for spelling mistakes, style, and the presence of overly complex terms. The editing, as a rule, takes part when SEO aspects are being addressed.

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