How to Choose the Right Laptop for Making Money Online?

Choose the Right Laptop

For someone who is not primarily a techie, buying a laptop can be a challenging task. Sure, you can google what’s trending, but you might end up with a laptop which is too advanced for your needs, and way over your budget. Wasting money on a pricey laptop seems senseless, especially if you wish to use it as a tool to earn money online.

However, learning what to look for in a laptop and limiting yourself to those requirements and your budget will help you purchase an optimal performing device tailored to your needs, and most importantly, at a fair price.

Set your budget

It is important to set your budget so as to have an amount to work with. If you wish to be a freelance writer, you probably don’t need astate-of-the-art device, whilebloggers might need a more powerful device to render photographs and edit videos. On the other hand, underpaying could lead you to a laptop that’s unable to meet your demands, which you will ultimately re-sell at a lower price. In both cases, it is a waste of funds.

Here’s a quick review of the price and quality relation:

  • Laptops under $300 are not recommended for anybody seeking to do any business online since they are notoriously slow in performance and they have very limited storage.
  • Laptops over $300 but under $600 are better when it comes to storage and they are suitable for some simpler online work, surfing the internet, posting on social media, or using Microsoft Office.
  • Laptops over $600 but under $1,000 are perhaps the best choice for most purposes since they are somewhere in the middle – a decent processor, storage and memory.
  • Laptops over $1,000 are naturally more powerful regarding all specs, however, most people will not need them, as they are more suitable for a developer.

Choose a design

In order to be able to do that, you have to be clear what you will be using it for. If you will be traveling a lot, it would be much more practical to choose a lighter, more portable device. In that case, the monitor and the keyboard might be smaller, so this is something you need to take into consideration.

Another thing to keep in mind here is the battery life, since the battery might die on a train ride without a socket. A long battery life will not be so important for a gamer, for example. They need a first-class gaming laptop whose RAM can be upgraded and which can endure long working hours, but it will mostly be plugged in. Also, if you will be typing a lot, then the size of the keyboard matters a lot, as well as if it is comfortable.

Choose the Right Laptop

Decide on the CPU

For the sake of simplifying, think of the CPU (central processing unit) as the engine of your laptop. You don’t need an expensive and superb one if you are going to use it solely for Microsoft Office, but again, you don’t need acheap one which will only get on your nerves while doing the simplest of tasks.

If you are looking for the one that will meet most demands, the most reliable ones are Intel Core i3 and Intel Core i5 processors. Naturally, you can go for a Core i7 processor, but just as with laptops that are $1,000 or more – you probably won’t need one, unless you are a professional gamer, since they need a powerful machine to meet all the gaming standards. If you’ve decided to earn some extra money, or if you are done with 9-to-5 office jobs, working online could be the best option for you. Once you start exploring, you will find numerous freelance positions that match your skill set. Once you are clear about what you wish to do, choosing the right laptop is easy, if you know what to look for. Most specssort of choose themselves when you know what you will be using it for – if you plan to travel and move around a lot, you would need a smaller and lighter laptop. On the other hand, as a professional gamer, you would need a bigger, less portable one, because it would mostly be plugged in. Those who write a lot will have to think about the keyboard size and whether it is comfortable. With all this in mind, and a set budget, you are now ready to decide on a laptop, like a pro.

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