5 Best Live Chat Support Software for your WordPress site


With over 1000 plugins, WordPress has continued to contribute a lot to the internet. It is no wonder WordPress powers almost 30% of the entire internet since they provide the best features like backups, spam protection, Hosting, over 300 website designs, software updates, and security.

The availability of these plugins is simply to give a lot of choices to site owners, in order to choose whatever plugins that suit their sites.

As each plugin target at giving you a better satisfaction, the Live chat support software is just another plugin that keeps your site traffic high, this is because having a live chat plugin on your site makes you more available to visitors, and visitors will keep flowing in once they are given a full attention. Live chat also makes your site look attractive and professional.

A person who uses his site for business once said; there are just too many customers leaving my site every day because they have their questions unanswered, although I am always with them, I don’t get to keep up with their questions.

After advising him to use a live chat support software, he came back to tell me that his former customers are not just rolling back in, but new ones are pouring in too. The thing is that, once you take care of your visitors by being fully available to respond to their conversation, they will never leave you. At least the economist who said it that, customers appreciate a good service by purchasing again, was right.

So what is the best live chat support software for your WordPress site?

Although, there are more than 20 live chat plugins available on WordPress , I have decided to provide just the best 5 here for you. So go over them and choose.


The reason why Livechat appears the first on my list is not just because it is cheap but also easy to use and set up. Live Chat comes with a lot of benefits to you and your customers.

With LiveChat, you can attend to customers on the go as it is also available on mobile phones apart from the computers and laptops.

Some live chat support software are incredibly annoying due to their slowness, don’t worry, I don’t have anyone of them here.

LiveChat is very fast and it also allows you to add survey forms after or even before chatting period. With LiveChat, your customer’s details are saved automatically.

Quick Chat

If you want to give your customers the chance to use smileys and avatars on your site, or you want them to chat with you without the need of creating an account, then Quick Chat is the right gear for you.

Quick Chat is a self –hosted WordPress live chat plugin which enables you to use word filter, by letting you create a list of the words you don’t want to see, which will be automatically blocked from you when coming from visitors.

It also allows you to have control over who visits and who does not visit your chat room through the chat room moderator

Common100’s Live Chat

This is not a free one, but the price is not high, they have a list of plans which starts from $29. It is very fast and easy to use. You can easily use it for small business.

Common 100’s are very popular, that is why I won’t be writing much about it.


Zopim Live Chat gives you the best customer support solution. It is the live chat plugin you need if you want to attend to a large customer within a short period of time, as it allows you to perform conversation faster. Zopim Live Chat is available on phones so that you can attend to customers anywhere and anytime.  It allows for customization, so you can put up the design and color scheme of your site on it.

It allows you to check on how customers use your site, while it allows you to automatically get in touch with customers through the setup.

Zopim is very popular and comes in different versions, so you that you can decide on the version you like.

FlexyTalk Live Chat

FlexyTalk is the last on my list. It is another live chat plugin that gives you a cloud-based chat solution. With FlexyTalk, you can receive offline messages and send chat routine. It allows you to transfer the open chat to different customers within a short period of time. You can use FlexyTalk live chat with any messaging app you might have been using before.

Also, you don’t need to create a special admin group somewhere else, as you can allow chat between admin. It gives you full control over the admin, as you can make a cuteroutine, in order to select which of the people in the admin is to respond or converse with the next customers.

You can choose from any of these 5 best live chat support software for your WordPress sites.

Miss anything? Have a question or ideas? We are always here for you to respond. So just drop your comments in the comment box, we will respond to you immediately.

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