How to Get Google Analytics Setup in 5 Easy Steps!

Google Analytics Setup

Any organization, who wants to want to get a competitive advantage in a digital marketing era, must enhance its website viability by using different tools on Google and other search engines.

When doing online marketing, small and medium scale business owners are under pressure to increase their target audience or results on the website. But have you ever thought of who the traffic is coming on your website?

If you have no idea then getting a Google Analytics setup can resolve the issue.

Google Analytics- What tells you?

Google Analytics setup is a simple way to know about your website’s visitor and performance.

It will let you know about the content which the visitor is interested to see, know about your website visitor, and even how visitors behave while accessing your website. Once you get the Google Analytics setup, you can track the goals which you have for the website.

Let’s jump onto the fact that why getting Google Analytics is beneficial for your website.

Advantages of Google Analytics Setup

You know about 56% of the website utilizes Google Analytics. It is not only the popular tool but also important to stay updated on who your website is working. Google Analytics will fill you up with all the important information which you must know for the success of the business.

As we are providing you the information to set up a google analytic account for a website in the easy 5 steps, still if you are not able to set an account or you are having any kind of trouble then you can use outsourcing web services. They help you to understand google analytics and definitely they will set up your google analytic account for your website.

With this tool, you can get to know by which content you are getting more traffic on your content that will be beneficial from the point of search engine optimization. Other benefits are:

  • Information about which traffic can convert into the purchasers.
  • Overall traffic you are receiving on your website.
  • Details about where the audience is coming.
  • Demographics of the audience.

Your website is the way through which you can get leads and convert them into sales. So with the help of the tool you, you can enhance the effectiveness of your website.

You can check which SEO keywords and titles are not providing you the results and can work on it. In this digitized space, you can grab the benefits which will enhance your online visibility. You can install them and have fun.

Now, at this point, Google Analytics comes in the frame.

It is an accessible and popular marketing tool that will work as a great marketing strategy.

How can you set up Google Analytics?

Start with a Google Tag Manager account

You have to start with the basics if you want to set up Google Analytics. The first thing to do is setting up Google tag manager with the help of Google. Setting up the account is free of cost.

Google tag works as it collects information from your website and then sends it to other platforms like Google Analytics and Facebook. It is a great way to save time as you don’t have to go for the manual coding and tags to the Google Analytics code.

Set up an Account of Google Analytics

Similar to the Google Tag, you have to set up an account for Google Analytics. It is also free to use. Once you have started the account, your tracking ID will be generated. Tracking data is a type of code that will instruct Google Analytics that will send all the information.

This number is unique and also important as it is only linked with your website and includes your personal information.

Try Google Manager to Manage Analytics Tags

Through Google manager, we are going to integrate all the details from both the platforms. For this step, we require the tracking ID as it will set the perfect tracking tags for the web page.

The configuration will check where the information from the tag will go and Triggering is the information that you are thinking of collecting. When you are forming the tags for Google Analytics setup, you should use “Universal Analytics”.

Format Goals in Google Analytics

This is the most crucial part of setting up Google Analytics as this is where the precious information of your website will be stored. This is the part where you will tell Google Analytics to track to enhance SEO ranking.

You must have predefined goals so that you can set the target and measure it to determine the success of your website. These goals must include:

1.     Event:  the goal is to track the visitor if the play a video or select a specific link.

2.     Destination: the goal here is to track whether the visitor goes on the specific page on your website.

3.     Duration: the goal here is to track the time spent by the user on the pages of your website.

This is who you can be specific with your goals and you can achieve success without any hindrance.

Add Google Search Console with your Website

With the help of Google Search Console, you can get valuable search details on the web page. You can go for:

1.     Check out your website rate of a crawl.

2.     Look upon the keywords through which your website can rank with the help of search engine optimization.

3.     Check when Google does an analysis on your site.

4.     Check out which are the pages linked with your website, it can be external or internal.

All this can help you to provide massive information to check who your website holds in Google’s Analytics System.

What after your set up Google Analytics?

Google Analytics

Your Google Analytics comprises many tools and features. Along with it, there are humorous metrics you can check when analyzing the site. After you have set up Google Analytics, here are some of the things which we should include to fully utilize the tool.

  • Give Access to the members: if you have a team that has access to your business information tools then you can add the members to the platform.
  • Connect your Google Ads: if you link your Google Analytics account with your Google Ads then you can track down the proper consumer cycle and how they connect with your marketing team and then fulfill your goals by doing purchases.

In this era of digital marketing, you must be one step ahead of your competitor to get the lead. With Google Analytics, you can make a better decision, and eventually, you can reach your best performance. It is a great step to fully utilize your marketing. You can get a detailed view of your site to know about which content is liked by your customer and which is not.

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