Measuring Facebook Analytics Will Improve Your Business Performance

Measuring Facebook Analytics

Facebook is the number one social media platform where friends connect and share online. Facebook is considered as a home of brands for many businesses to market themselves through interaction with customers and self-promotion. It is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of any size and shape and a great venue to keep customers informed, to develop the brand identity, and to broaden business reach.

Facebook isn’t new, and every business needs a Facebook presence. It has over more than 2 billion monthly active users in which more than one billion users log-in to Facebook every day worldwide. It acts as a gateway for businesses to market their product or services and helps to reach a wider range of audiences.

Facebook page is a hub of information about your company, brand, product, or service. A company page allows the audience to like the business or brand, and people would receive content updates from the company page to their News Feed. With Facebook pages, businesses are able to raise brand awareness, collect audience insights, and provide customer service.

When you set up a Facebook page, choose your profile picture and cover image related to your business. As the most familiar word saying, “A picture is worth than a thousand words.” Choose your company logo as your profile picture. And the About Section should contain details about what your business does and tells everyone coming to visit your Facebook page.

Why Do Businesses Need To Use Facebook Analytics?

Facebook Analytics is packed full of insights and data that help you to get information from the social network that reaches 2 billion users every day. To create a successful Facebook for business ties your efforts to real business goals with structured efforts. Here are the tips to get the most out of Facebook Analytics:

  • Optimize your Facebook page for a preferred action
  • Schedule your posts at the right time
  • Rethink your target audience
  • Identify what works best and what doesn’t from your previous insights and metrics

Features In Facebook Analytics

1. Custom Dashboard– Facebook Analytics provides a custom dashboard so that you can see relevant data and information at a glance.

2. Advanced Machine Learning or Artificial Intelligence– It displays the insights such as which audience is engaging most or converting from your content.

3. Omni-channel Analytics– This helps you to view who hopped from Facebook application to your product landing page or website back to Facebook before converting. It creates the ability to build a custom audience.

Facebook Analytics also creates an event source group from the dashboard, which allows you to segment and retarget the audience who followed a specific event path on your Facebook page. Facebook Analytics tool has two types of Insights. The two types of Facebook insights are:

  1. Facebook Page Insights
  2. Facebook Audience Insights

What Do You Need To Track On Facebook Analytics?

The following are the essential metrics that you need to track to improve your business performance:

Posts: A Post insight helps you to understand how the branded content posts on your Facebook page performing over time?

Views: Views insights on Facebook analytics help users to find how many people are viewing your page and what section are they looking at on your posts?

Actions: Action insights on Facebook helps to find different measures such as What actions does the audience take on your Page? How many audiences click your compelling call-to-action, and how many people click through your product landing page or website?

People: Facebook audience insights are one channel that helps you to connect your brand to your customers. People insights help to find the demographics of the audience visit your page; when do audiences visit your page, and how do the audiences find your page?

Reach and Engagements: Reach and engagement insight helps to find who interacted with your post and how many people saw your posts?

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