5 Things to Know About Fulfillment by Amazon

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The Amazon marketplace is one of the most popular and successful websites in the world. Merchants everywhere are taking advantage of the convenient method of selling their products. The company even offers Fulfillment by Amazon or FBA to streamline the sales process.

Amazon’s fulfillment program is a great tool for handling the logistics that come with selling goods online. The company will store your merchandise, prepare it for shipping, and send it off to your customers. They handle all the details, allowing merchants to focus on their sales.

The FBA service is awesome for simplifying your Amazon business process. But it does come with a price. Here are five things you should know about FBA to get the most out of the service.

1. Evaluate the Features

The first step in considering using Fulfillment by Amazon is determining if the features are worth the fees for you. The convenience comes at a price that will impact your bottom line. So you need to decide if it’s worth saving yourself the time of coordinating your own fulfillment.

If you choose to use FBA, Amazon will store, pack, and ship your item to the buyer. They also handle returns and customer service. And your customers will have added the convenience of Amazon’s two-day Prime shipping.

If you chose to fulfill your items yourself, you will save in fees but need to coordinate all of those logistics. Consider where you will store your items. You will also need to have a process for customer service and returns.

Weigh the pros and cons and decide what’s right for your needs. You can even decide on a product by product basis. Or you may decide to start out on your own and switch to FBA when you start bringing in enough profit to justify the cost.

2. Use an FBA Calculator

An FBA calculator can be an effective tool in determining how profitable your selling can be. It’s a very efficient way to determine fees and how they affect your profit margin. It’s also a helpful tool for planning your pricing strategy.

Amazon has its own FBA calculator that is free for anyone to use. There are many other calculators out there, ranging in price. It’s important to compare the features to find one that works best for your needs.

The calculator is helpful in simplifying the complicated combination of FBA fees. It can give you a clear picture of how costs like shipping and storing change your profits. You can easily simulate different price points to determine the high and low end of your ideal price range.

Some FBA calculators are useful in making other business decisions. You can compare the costs of sending different amounts of inventory to the Amazon warehouse. And some calculators even allow for tracking and exporting sales data.

3. Carefully Choose Items

Amazon Fulfillment

It’s important to choose the items you are going to sell thoughtfully. You want to offer items that are in demand. And you want to be able to balance your price point with your FBA fees.

Take some time to check out the most popular items selling on Amazon. This will give you a good idea of the type and price range of popular items. You also might want to check out the most popular categories for sales.

FBA fees are based on the size and the weight of your item. If you choose a large item that is inexpensive, you won’t be able to make much, if any, profit. Think about how you can balance price and size to find an item that will generate more income with lower fees.

Consider how much money you want to invest in inventory. And compare prices and items between different manufacturers. Keeping your initial costs low will set you up for more significant profit margins.

4. Use Data to Be Competitive

There are a ton of merchants on Amazon. Be strategic and check out your competitors. You can pull data to compare the prices of similar or the same products as yours. Then you can adjust your sales strategy accordingly.

There are great programs to search product listings with identifiers like ASIN or UPC quickly. You can export reports to get easy-to-read data on pricing and costs. You will get a good picture of your sales rank and can change your price to stay more competitive. It will also help you analyze FBA fees further.

5. Create Effective Listings

In a digital marketplace, your listings will determine your success. Creating effective and appealing listings will drive your sales. Research what buyers are searching for a make a listing that shows off your product well and stands out.

Keyword tools are helpful in seeing what shoppers are searching for on Amazon. They can also help you make your listing more likely to come up in common search results. Add these popular search terms to your listing verbiage to increase visibility and visitors.

Your listing is your one chance to sell your product. Make sure your listing is professional and visibly attractive. Describe your product well and include clear images. You want your listing to be polished and communicate why shoppers should purchase your item.

Make sure you provide excellent customer service and quality products to receive good reviews. The customer service and quick shipping that FBA provides will ensure more satisfaction.

Receiving positive reviews makes your listing appear higher on the page in search results. Customers are also more likely to rely on past experiences of others when determining if they should purchase your product.

6. Conclusion

There are many factors to consider to result in successful sales on Amazon. But there are also a lot of great tools and resources to arm yourself with knowledge and data. Choosing products carefully and focusing on balancing the financials are great ways to increase profits.

Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent service to increase sales and make your process more efficient. It takes the guesswork out of the details that can be frustrating and difficult to coordinate. And it’s a terrific way to allow you to focus on growing and expanding your business.

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