What to Pay Attention to When Formulating Digital Marketing Goals This Year

Digital Marketing

The last three years have presented a lot of difficulties for the world that need to be learned to quickly overcome to stay afloat. Many businesses are able to quickly adapt to current circumstances, which allows them not to face bankruptcy or a close-down.

No one can predict when the global pandemic will end. In this regard, it is necessary to track popular trends when formulating digital marketing goals.

In this article, we will outline the main directions of 2022 that should be taken into account in the workflows of every business.

Search Engine Optimization

For a business to continue its activities and remain successful, it is necessary to always be in sight. You have to get ahead of your direct competitors, who can take you down the search results in a short period of time.

User Experience (UX)

In a time when our whole life is online, it is necessary to provide users with the ability to quickly solve their problems and fulfill their needs. In this regard, if your website is overloaded with details that slow down its loading, then you risk falling behind your competitors. Search engines are now actively monitoring websites that meet these requirements and better rank such web resources.

If the system sees that users leave your web page one by one, without having done what they wanted to do, then you failed the mission and will be forced to be on the far pages of the search results. To solve this problem, we recommend using a UX design agency, whose specialists will help you take a leadership position.

User Experience

In addition to fast loading of a web resource, it is also important to pay attention to the following points:

  1. Ease of navigation. When a user goes to your page and can, thanks to the structure of the site, find what he came for, then this is a success and merit of your team.
  2. Ability to view pages from the phone. Even when away from a desktop computer or laptop, users want to satisfy their needs through a smartphone. In this regard, the adaptation of a web resource for phones will continue to be in trend.

Semantic search

Many companies try to outsmart the search engines by stuffing their articles and website content with keywords that are irrelevant to users and buyers. That is why now the analysis of the information provided on the sites will become one of the priorities.

If your hard-won content responds as closely as possible to the user’s input, then you will see your web pages being offered to users first to read.

Semantic search

Content requirements:

  • It should respond to the needs of your target audience. Companies that try to reach a wide audience are less likely to thrive. If you clearly understand the parameters of your buyers and produce content that will be interesting for your users, then you will see how the reach of your web resource will increase.
  • Users should get as much useful information as possible. When writing articles, you need to choose a strategy that will help you not only be visible to the search engine but also provide value to users. If you fill your site and articles with meaningless key phrases and users find your content ridiculous and uninformative, then you risk losing your winning position.
  • You can make your articles even more interesting if you encourage users to view other relevant content that you link to in your article.

PPC advertising

PPC advertising

Contextual advertising can attract more buyers and users to your site. This year it is worth paying attention to the features of the formation of advertisements.

Privacy concerns

The problems of the dissemination of personal information are dominant in the modern world. We see how many companies do not respect the rules of confidentiality and violate our boundaries.

According to studies, only 11% of users are satisfied with the fact that they see more personalized advertising, which is based on the collection of their personal information.

Because of this, companies need to be more careful about collecting user data and using it to create personalized ads. Being on the side of the guard and the order of protecting personal data, you will certainly win the loyalty of your customers.


Numerous companies and organizations that have moved online due to the conditions that have developed since the onset of the global pandemic should pay attention to the main areas of digital marketing. In this way, you will be able to more accurately and respond to the needs of your customers and clients.

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