10 best jQuery Notification plugin

jQuery Notification plugin

jQuery Notification plugin helps you to create various notification messages such as success, error, alert and simple notification.

This notifications messages are very helpful to get the actual feedback from any visitors about the status success or failure of task that is being carried out.

For this roundup we have chosen 10 Best jQuery Notification plugins which will help you to create various notification like messages and alerts for your websites and web applications and also give your visitors better end user experience.

1) Toastee Toast Style


Toastee is a super light weight jQuery plugin which is 4kb in size. It is used for creating simple toast like messages.

2) NuTip


NuTip is a jQuery plugin which gives you different styles for providing visitors with more information.

3) Messg


This plugin is used for messaging via CSS3 animations.

4) notifIt!


This jQuery plugin is used for messaging via stylish animations.

5) Simple Notifications


This jQuery plugin is used for push notifications via CSS3 animations.

6) Oh Snap!


This is a simple notification jQuery/Zepto library which is designed to be used in mobile applications.

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7) jQuery Growl


Growl is a jQuery plugin that is designed for providing informative messages to the browser.

8) Toastr8


This is a windows 8 style toast notifications for web and JavaScript apps with the help of toastr8.js.

9) Animated Alert


It is a jQuery plugin for animate alerts, popups, messages and modal alerts.

10) Noty


Noty is a jquery plugin that is have too many options for displaying any type of notification.

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