How to Request for Testimonials

For your business, request for testimonials from previous clients is a powerful marketing tools and here is how you can ask to them for testimonials.

It’s just on your website where some of your client’s good testimonials can lead your business a new success and positive results. In today’s social marketing business environment, this lets your clients (or potential clients) to have a complimentary promises that you kept in your conversations. This is only for your trust on them and justifies their purchases.

All we know that is the importance of testimonials but still we are aware of asking for them about positive review. Don’t think that only happy customers provide this. It just happen naturally.

After a certain achievement, you may want to give your clients that nudge at specific times i.e. after solving their problem, or they are happy with your work, or you have delivered successfully etc.

You can request for testimonials to them now if they are willing to share their story with your potential clients. And if they agree, just inform them that you are sending an email with a testimonial request.

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Here is a second option that is, after successfully completion of a project, you can ask them to fill out the Survey if they are happy with your work.

Not everyone will fill out the survey. But, those who are really happy with the result are very likely to do so.

Most of your clients will be very busy who don’t have enough time for tasks like this. So, you need to make this job very easier.

For example, one way to do this is to provide them with a sample questions in your testimonial request email like below:

  • What were the results of working with our company?
  • How did they benefit from working with our company?
  • Why they specifically select our company for this project?
  • In the future, if they agree to work with our company or not.

Letter request for testimonials:

Dear [Client Name],

I hope all is going well. Because I value you as a potential client, I would appreciate your feedback. With your permission, I would like to use your feedback as a testimonial to help convince future clients that they can benefit from working with me.

To help you get started, I’ve included a few questions. Feel free to write whatever you would like.

[Ask them few questions from above lists or whatever you like to ask]

Thank you for your time, and thanks again for your business.
Please let me know if there’s anything further I can do for you.

[Your preferred closing],

[Your name]

So, your testimonials will be a believable story that makes your credibility and shows the actual value of what you offer and which will make potential clients more likely to buy.

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