JPG to PDF File: A Guide on How to Do This Conversion Process Using an Online Tool

JPG to PDF File

JPG, or Joint Photographic Format, is one of the go-to file formats for images. Although there are advantages to this file type, PDF is still king for a lot of reasons. That’s why many users convert their JPG photos to PDF files because PDF can’t be modified easily and it keeps its layout even after printing. Also, PDF files are not that heavy on your device’s storage. 

We can discuss the benefits of using PDFs in this article all day, but it’s not our purpose here. We’re here to talk about how to convert JPG files to PDFs using the PDFBear online conversion tool. So, if you want to know what’s up with this web-based software, take some time to read this blog article. 

Here’s How to Convert JPG to PDF Using PDFBear

Using other online tools to convert JPGs to PDFs can give you a hard time. But with the PDFBear conversion tool, it seems like a breeze. There are only five steps to perform the task. Here’s a step-by-step guide that you should keep in mind when using JPG to PDF converter from 

  1. Open your favorite website browser and visit the official website of PDFBear ( 
  2. When you’ve entered the site’s homepage, find and click the “JPG to PDF” tool among the collection of tools on the website. 
  3. Clicking the tool directs you to another web page, where there’s a “Select Files” button in blue color. Give that button a click to upload the JPG photo that you want to convert into PDF. 
  4. It takes only a matter of seconds to generate the converted JPG file into PDF. The process comes automatically after your upload. 
  5. After you’ve converted the JPG file into PDF, it’s now time to download the newly converted file on your device. You can also share the new PDF to other people or send it via email. 

Advantages of Using PDFBear Conversion Tool

More and more people are now using the PDFBear Conversion Tool whenever they need to convert their JPGs into PDFs. Certainly, this is because of the pros of using this web-based tool. Do you want to find out what’s the edge of the PDFBear converter over other online conversion software? Read this list. 

Easy and Fast Conversion Process

If you’re looking for an online conversion tool that allows you to convert JPG to PDF in just a few clicks, you should use PDFBear. This web-based software has a smooth user interface, and you can convert your file in just under 10 seconds, depending on your internet connection.

Very Accessible

The primary advantage of an online conversion tool is that you can access it in whatever gadget or operating system you’re currently using. It’s no big deal if you’re using a laptop, computer, or smartphone because this tool is accessible as long as you’re connected to the internet. 

PDFBear Allows You to Convert Multiple Files

Yes, you heard it right. The PDFBear online converter allows you to convert multiple JPG files into PDF files. Just upload the JPGs on the site and convert them in one go. is Safe and Secure

It’s alright to be cautious of the online tools you want to use because hacking and data theft are rampant nowadays. For instance, if you need to use an online converter that requires you to upload a file, you must check the website if it can be trusted. 

Talking about websites you can trust, is sure to be on the list. This site is SSL-encrypted, which means that it’s safe and secure. There’s no need to worry if you upload files on its site because it’s specifically designed to prevent hackers from stealing your files or data. 

The Website Has Other Tools That You Can Use

Besides the JPG to PDF converter, also has other tools that you can use for free. The website has a Merge PDF, Compress PDF, Split PDF, Add Watermark, HTML to PDF, PDF to Word, Excel to PDF, and many other tools. 


The PDFBear online conversion tool is the perfect tool to use for converting JPG files to PDFs. It’s fast and no hassle to use, safe and secure, and very accessible. Keep in mind the information above if you need to know more about this online converter.

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