Why Artificial Intelligence is getting more attention in this pandemic era?

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In this rapidly evolving pandemic AI (Artificial intelligence) can help to lessen the impact via preventing the spread as well educate, warn, and empower those on the ground to be aware of the situation. To fight against this pandemic AI is in the frontline to conquer the various challenges including antiviral drug discovery, diagnostics, and effective treatments for the COVID-19 virus.

Covid-19 – a deadly pandemic began in China and now has spread over 214 countries and areas in the world. In order to take on the vast challenges, China utilizing technologies like AI and various other data science technologies. Chinese government using AI and big data in different ways to improve the COVID-19 situation, like AI-powered data analytics and predictive modeling for medical professionals to understand more about the diseases,   and giving more accurate forecasting about disease spread, medication, treatment, etc. Apart from this AI allow the researchers to quickly find relevant studies that can potentially lead to new insights to address the COVID-19 outbreak. The following are some of the different ways AI technology help to defeat COVID-19.

Using AI to find drugs

Researchers are using AI to discover the existing or new drug for tackling the novel coronavirus.AI experts give a devastating account of how AI can be utilized to find out the drug, It will help to search among existing approved various available antiviral drugs to find out the proper one that might be helpful in limiting the virus’s infection and AI can become up with new molecules that could serve as potential medications, and it will now synthesize and test 100 of the compounds. The hope is that sooner the technology could make delivering drugs for corona.

Facial recognition and big data for tracking

Facial recognition and big data are using for monitoring the movement of citizens, to track suspected infections in real-time, and in the unprecedented quarantining of tens of millions of citizens at critical phases of the pandemic. We can see that many companies are come up with their efforts to fight against cOVID-19, some examples are

One Chinese AI company announced that its technology can now identify people even when they’re wearing face masks.

An AI startup Incorporated thermal imaging cameras to spot people with elevated temperatures and send pop-up alerts to users.

Early detection and diagnosis

Early detection and diagnosis are very important to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, so comparing to the standard method AI-enabled smart devices can do fast detection and tracking.

A new AI model is developed that integrates a patient’s CT scan of the lungs and other clinical information could detect and diagnose coronavirus disease.


COVID-19, an enormously infectious virus that’s more devastating and may kill many people, so utilizing the advanced technology trends like Artificial Intelligence and robotics to scale down the risk of the corona pandemic and better equip to fight future public health emergency.

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