Why You Should Invest in AI Startups

AI Startups

The greater technology industry as a whole has not been the same since the introduction of advanced AI into the public. Devices like the Amazon Alexa and Google Home are great examples of normalized AI that has become a part of our daily lives. 

However, the AI industry is only getting started and the future of technology couldn’t be more exciting. Investing in AI does require a certain amount of faith in the technology but that can be easily overcome by looking to the future.

Quantum computing is becoming a reality at an incredible speed, creating a world in which complex problems can be solved in hours when it used to take classical supercomputers years to calculate the same things. As a result, AI research and development are advancing at an alarming rate, making it a prime investment opportunity. For example, AI is increasingly essential for every developer who can now take advantage of it in his apps. Companies looking for the right candidates of this kind often face challenges throughout screening and selecting the right new hires, so a Swift developer hiring guide would help with providing several recommendations and important details for a more efficient process. 

Quantum computing will help advance AI

With a breakneck pace, quantum computing is advancing. A few years ago, IBM boasted a 12-bit quantum computer. The frozen behemoth was a landmark in the previously unheard of technology. 

Now, Google has announced a 54-bit quantum computer that can solve computational puzzles in hours that a classical supercomputer could only hope to compete in several thousand years. These qubits, or quantum bits, are extremely difficult to create. Every bit expands what a quantum computer can by leaps and bounds. 

As a whole, we are creating petabytes of data every single day. Metadata, too, is being produced at seemingly impossible rates. AI and big data work together to help advance both industries. 

However, computationally complex problems within AI has stymied progress. With recent advancements in quantum computing, however, we can expect deep learning AI to advance quite rapidly.

AI is becoming more commonplace

AI is an everyday technology. Ask Siri for directions, query Alexa for a new Amazon order, ask Google to play a text adventure, exit out of Cortana because it’s too buggy. Such is a day in the life of the modern man. Communicating with machines with smart software.

There are less visible AI applications as well. Translation apps, email filtering, predictive advertising retargeting, movie recommendations, product recommendations, major stock trading, AI-assisted medical diagnoses, resume filtering, and customer service bots. While many apps aren’t “true” AI, the prevalence of machine learning apps in everyday tech has proliferated. As such, quantum computers come at a time when AI is becoming more pervasive technology.

A hefty return on investment is nearly guaranteed

AI is still incredibly popular too which means that while the market stays active it isn’t anywhere near saturated. Luckily, because it is such a new industry relative to its production, there are countless opportunities to join the industry and aid in the creation of better AI with more practical uses. 

The market for AI technologies stays open but luckily that has affected the ROI all too well. Big data and quantum computing only mean greater things await for the research, development, and commercialization of artificial intelligence.

Every industry is poised to benefit from artificial intelligence

Self-aware software scares some. Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and the company even warned against unchecked artificial intelligence development. Militaries could advance ceaselessly with smart weapons, companies could more easily manipulate the public, and owners could eliminate jobs.

However, every industry is poised to benefit from artificial intelligence, from improved supply chains to data-driven marketing decisions. 

Peak efficiency within hardware and software systems is of paramount importance. Quantum computing is as efficient as AI will get for the foreseeable future. The possibilities that such strong computing power provides are truly boundless and the advancement of AI will only explode once the technology is fully realized. 

With that around the corner, there is also the fact that AI devices have become popular and commonplace today. What used to seem like science fiction, the addition of several million AIs that listen to everything we do, is now a reality that promises to change the way people interact with technology forever. 

The returns on AI technologies are often incredible because the technology itself is capable of so much. AI that constantly learns with the user and records data is endlessly valuable because of its access and tech. 

However, the main reason investors should jump on AI is that AI technologies are changing the world of business forever. Soon, AI will be commonplace in every home, business, and school which may just be reason enough to jump on board.

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