Increase Hotel Sales Revenue with Social Campaigns!


How to Drive Sales Leads?

Whether your organization require any assistance regarding one element or the full range of marketing tools, we are able to help you with all kind of operations, to execute successfully your desired needs in the world of hotel sales and marketing.Our marketing is a multifaceted discipline that includes strategic positioning, direct sales, promotion, public relations,  advertising, distribution, and E-Commerce. Our relationships with the meeting, travel train and incentive markets with the strategic marketing partners, we are able to access the clients with comprehensive resources research.

With the help of our demonstrated hard focused strategies,  one can generate a good level of direct sale by diverting their business strategies from online directly to their hotel website.

How Increase Hotel Sales Revenue with Social Campaigns!

Our 2019 hotel internet marketing actions strategies include:

  • Brand protection- We help to submit the hotel trademarks to search engines blocks ads with the hotel brand name.
  • SEO( Search Engine Optimisation):We use SEO techniques to penetrate the long and short trail with suitable and best keywords combinations so that customers can optimize your organization via the search engine. Perhaps, it produces indefinite traffic to your website.
  • SEM( search engine marketing): We do SEM by using two techniques which are keyboard bidding add remarketing of your brand, by showing them banner ads to visitors of your hotel website.
  • Reputation management: Our team continuously monitor your hotel related reviews with the help of review management tools to make the future strategies of your business.
  • Metasearch: With the help of banners display, showing direct Hotel rates along with price comparison of your competitors on many websites like trivago,  hotelscombined, etc.

Hotel Sales & Marketing Best Practices!

With the help of our new strategies for 2019 one might get to know their customers better by understanding their needs to improve their experiences and help them earn loyalty towards your business.  It is a step-by-step process,  first, we learn what they are looking for and then take actions according to that,  it is very important to the customer care and researching their needs,  we make it our first priority to generate a great annual turnover.

A CRM Solution for the Hospitality Industry!

Our sales and marketing strategies can attract and engage the right customer to generate revenue in the hospitality industry.  With the help of targeted email campaigns, we offer pertinent to your buyers who are interested to take your services.  We are one stop destination for safe digital landing for your website,  our team engages customers through chat or web forms when they visit your website.  We have replaced the tedious data entry work with automation capable work with a CRM.

My Hospitality Sales Pro perishable services maximize the occupancy rate of consumers to achieve sustainable financial success of the hotel industry. Hotel operators will be able to balance the customer satisfaction along with pricing,  as we have the hand on experience to help you define your unique challenges, established goals and present sustainable and effective solutions for your sales and marketing team. Our hospitality consultants develop revenue management plans to build customer loyalty that results in an increased annual turnover for operators and owners.

About Our Success and Market Strategy

We would like to share our hotel sales and marketing success stories, as we have been working hard to push direct sales for different category hotels. Our hotel sales and marketing team members have potentially positioned themselves with their different marketing strategies of all types such as hotels, spark, resorts, restaurants, the mixture to use mega resorts in different locations.

My Hospitality Sales Pro, hotel sales consultants are available 24/7 to provide you onsite interim sales management assistance, as well as to create and train your sales team by analyzing sales performances and strategies to establish a complete guide for sale service that translates into action steps with measurable results.

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