What are the Skills Needed for an Event Planner?

Event Planner

When we look at the broader picture, the life of an event planner seems to be all glamorous, decked up with exciting events and the jazz around them. However, the reality is quite far from what the bare eyes perceive. It takes a lot more to be a skillful event planner. Of course, the career has its own perks, and it comes with challenges too. However, the one thing that event execution requires is an efficient event planner. If you are unsure what makes an event planner a methodical one, don’t worry. This blog has mentioned all the qualities that an event planner must possess. Have a read:

Organizational Skills:

The first quality that is required in an expert event planner is the ability to organize things effectively. This means the person should be able to work in a team and according to the procedure. If you are in a group, you need to work according to rules, keeping your team aligned, delivering the events on time and meeting deadlines. It also means that you should be able to make ends meet on a budget. It might not be visible often, but it takes a lot to execute a successful event. One needs to be extra attentive, right from planning,  to take the feedback from the clients and customers; you should have an eye on all details.

Communication Skills:

Having good communication skills is a must in today’s world. Talking of the event industry or any other field, things become a cakewalk for people who know how to communicate effectively. As an event planner, you should have enough skills to interact with your c-suite clients, sponsors, attendees, exhibitors, and everyone who’s associated with the event. You should be able to allocate roles and responsibilities to everyone without leaving behind any confusion or doubt. As an event planner, you should know how to put across your point confidently and clearly.

Technical Knowledge:

In this digital age, where every other thing takes place online, the event planner should have at least basic technical knowledge. Now that actual events have started to take place online, technical skills have become more critical than ever. As an event planner, you should be able to access the 3D Virtual event platform. Though the event planner doesn’t need to have the complete knowledge of technology, they still should have the zeal and curiosity to learn something new.

Understanding of events:

Now, this is the most important and fundamental thing that an event planner should possess. Having the knowledge of what we do is the first step towards gaining excellence. Hence, the event planner should also have the understanding of events. As an event planner, one should know how to negotiate with clients, have bonds and connections with people in and around the event industry. Gaining skills and experience in the event industry is a matter of time, which a person with enough enthusiasm will learn.

Client Management:

Event planning and management are all about managing people and dealing with clients from all over the world. A person who has understood how to deal with clients has sailed halfway through the vast ocean of event management. The biggest challenge that lies in event management is making sure that at the end of the day, your client is happy, and you should know how to make that happen at any cost. If your client wants something, it becomes your responsibility to make it available to them, no matter what. Saying no to the client is also an art that only a few people can do effortlessly. You should be able to decline their requests politely and tackle their anger with courtesy.

Problem Solving:

What makes you a successful event planner is your ability to solve any problem with a calm and relaxed mind. A successful and efficient event planner will make the most of the resources available at the moment, and Successful event planners can solve any problem with a cool head. They don’t depend on others and are capable enough to make their decisions alone. It also includes keeping the attendees hooked to the event in the absence of the event host.

Negotiating and Budgeting:

While some people take bargaining as a regular thing, they don’t know that it is a trait of an efficient event planner. An event planner should know how to negotiate with clients, vendors, and other people to make the best out of the event. Since there are several virtual event platforms in India, it requires the event planner to negotiate and get their hands on the best name available. One needs to have patience, preparation, and confidence in order to have good negotiating skills and be a good event planner.


Now, this is one of the most crucial skills that one should have to be called a systematic event planner. An event planner should be able to deal with more than one thing at a time, and that too effectively. Right from ensuring sales of your tickets to promoting them effectively, an event planner knows it all. Also, there might be times when two events take place at a time, but that doesn’t mean you can take any of those events lightly; remember, it is the test of your skills and exactly how you can balance out both of them and execute them effectively.


A person should possess some strong leadership skills and should manage the entire team of different mindsets. The things that it takes to host a successful event are nothing but trust, confidence, loyalty, and skills to get the job done. The event planner should know how to take everyone along and execute the plans in the best possible way. Of Course, leaders are neither born nor made in a day; it takes hard work and experience to be a great leader and an event planner.


Where many can be great speakers, only a few can be excellent listeners. If you have this quality, you can be a good event planner also. An efficient planner should know how to listen to the client’s needs and take the required step. Having this quality will make your clients feel that you’re more responsible and will help in your growth. Having the skills as mentioned above and qualities make you an expert event planner. If you don’t have any of these qualities, don’t worry; you can still excel yourself by inculcating them through determination and the zeal of learning.

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