Why a Brand Is More Than Just Its Logo?

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A brand is more than just its logo. People often tend to confuse the two and try to equate a brand with its logo. However, a logo is just a symbol that represents the brand. It is not the brand in total. The brand represents the goals, mission and objectives of a company and also the emotional connection that the company builds with its clients and potential clients as well. The logo is a symbol that gives an image to those core ideas of a brand.

So, let us see in what more ways a brand is more than just its logo!

1. Huge difference between the two

A well-designed logo is very important for any company. It is the first thing that anyone would notice about your company. It helps in forming the first impression as well. But, nowhere is that first impression the last impression! The last impression always depends on how great your company is as a brand! A brand is what is built over time through consistent good work. If your company has delivered effective results to its clients for a long time, then it has, in a way, built a good brand name for itself. As a result, people would start associating commitment and loyalty with your company as a brand. So, to put it simply, a logo is just a pretty face, whereas a brand is the personality of a company, for which it is known and hence, a brand is more than just its logo.

2. A pretty logo doesn’t matter, if your brand is not good enough

No matter how beautiful and attractive your logo is, if your company fails to deliver as a brand, then it is of no use. Sure an appealing corporate logo design can make people take notice of your company, but it cannot hold their attention unless the company works as a brand. You need to consistently work hard with new strategies to reach your goals. Steady and regular good work would elevate your company’s status as a brand in the market. No pretty logo can do that! It is all about being dedicated and committed as a brand which takes your company forward!

3. It is all in the experience

People do not care what your logo is as long as they are getting the experience that they want. Suppose, you go to a sweet shop for a particular sweet that you like. You have tasted that same sweet in other places as well, but it just doesn’t taste the same. So, you come back again and again to that same sweet shop for that sweet. It’s the experience that matters to you. It is the fact that the taste of that sweet has remained just the way you liked it over the years, which brings you back every time. So, that sweet shop, as a brand, has gained your trust for remaining consistent with their work. It provides you with the experience that you want every single time. So, the look of that sweet shop or if its hoarding is attractive or not hardly matters to you. Similarly, a company’s logo can be the most dazzling, but if their brand leaves much to be desired, then you are never going back there again for sure!

4. People care for the whole package, not just the logo

While a good logo can tell your client what your company is about, it cannot do any of the work by itself that will make them your loyal customers. A client cares for the whole package, not just the logo. The branding of a company comprises of a number of aspects. To make a logo is comparatively much easier than building a brand. All you would have to do is to make it simple, straightforward and expressive. However, building a brand is a long-term commitment. It includes fulfilling the mission and goals of your company. It also includes social media promotion, regular advertising, public relations, customer service, discipline and punctuality, business cards, a responsive website and involving the community, which together form a package. This is the package that the clients actually care about, not just the logo. If all these things are on point, then no one can stop your company from becoming a success.


So, considering all the above points, we can confidently say that a brand is more than just its logo. A logo is a graphic design, an identity marker and most importantly, a brand icon and not a brand. The proper branding of a company is the real deal. A company has to deliver every time and give the clients the experience that they are looking for. It’s the consistent performance, along with the other aspects of the package, which would decide how the public perceives that company as a brand. In other words, a logo will make them take notice, but they will stay because of the brand!

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  1. I think the brand is an emotional aspect that we connect through good or bad experience and logo is just an identifying aspect that we recognize.

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