6 Ideas For Parents While Schools Are Closed

Ideas For Parents

Now that schools have closed throughout the country because of coronavirus, many parents are already wondering how they’ll cope with kids at home. As a parent, you know that kids will feel bored if they remain all day indoors, and they can’t go out now since it’s not safe. However, there are certain ideas that you can use to make children stay productive and happy Indoors. Read on to know these ideas.

1. Use Online Learning Resources

Technology now makes everything easy. At this time, when the world is interconnected, you can get virtually everything on the internet. You can get books, tutorial videos, writing help, access to online libraries or even learn more about such sport activites as playing golf in Algarve! You can broaden a child’s knowledge with all these online resources. Now that your children are at home, you shouldn’t allow them to remain idle. Instead, you should motivate them to use online resources to learn new things. For instance, they can start learning various things through some YouTube videos of Khan academy. Also, you can help your children to get free books from online libraries like

2. Embrace Family Time

This is an opportunity to spend time together doing things that make everyone happy. You can teach them how to cook one of your favourite meals, listen to music, play board games or read books. Use this time as an opportunity to encourage your children to explore their interests and develop skills.

3. Make Room for Reflection

This hard time won’t last, but reflecting on this uncommon occurrence can you and your children to bear the experience. Later in the future, you’ll also have something that will remind you of everything that happened during this period. Encourage your children to keep diaries, take pictures, and to keep newspapers.

4. Encourage virtual playdates

Don’t allow social isolation to take over your kids completely. Virtual play dates will let your kids connect with their friends. They can connect over google hangouts, compose scripts jointly over Google Docs or play an online multiplayer game. Although virtual playdates can’t completely replace the real playdates, it will help your kids to bear this temporary separate.

5. Avoid Replicating School at Home

As parents, you should avoid replicating the school environment at home. Take away school pressure and strictness during this period. Instead, give your children the chance to learn things at their own pace and in their own style. Let them enjoy much freedom and allow them to experiment with many options.

6. Prioritise Play And Unstructured Time

If you want your children to stay healthy, then you should encourage them to play very well because play is beneficial to kids. Let them have plenty of time for play by relieving them of many tasks. You can create a playtime for them and make sure that they play together during that time. This time that schools are closed is the ideal time for your children to revitalise their creativity through play.


This period won’t last forever, but it’s important for you as a parent to keep your kids productive even during this time. The ideas that we mentioned will help you achieve this and make everyone happy.

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