How to Play Powerball Like a Winner

Play Powerball

You have always wondered how your luck can make you win jackpots. Now that you know about a lottery game, you are eagerly waiting for Thursday to come. After all, it’s the day you will play Powerball.

You can’t contain your joy after thinking that you can bring home fun and a jackpot too. Testing your luck for a lottery game sounds exciting, doesn’t it?

You can’t know about luck but putting the best foot forward is in your charts. If you want to get the most fun out of the Powerball game, command your eyes to stick to the screen.  

What is Powerball?

Powerball is a lottery game that was introduced in 1996 and played every Thursday in Australia. The huge prize money offered to the winners makes for the most exciting part about the game.

It’s a game of drawing balls from two sets. One set or barrel has 35 balls, and the other set has a barrel of 20 numbers. The player randomly chooses seven balls from the first barrel and one final Powerball from the collection of 20 numbers. If they match the first seven and the extra ball, they’re declared a Division 1 winner. Interestingly, this grants them the prize money of millions of dollars.

The lottery has nine divisions of prizes to win for you as per the frequency of the numbers matched. What is even more thrilling about playing Powerball is that the reward compounds. It converts into a jackpot with a massive amount if no one wins for several weeks. 

How to Amplify Your Chances of Winning in Powerball?

For the seven-time winner, Powerball isn’t just a game of luck but of strategy as well. It sounds ridiculous to say that a game based on chance can be won without relying on it. The truth of the matter is that every game involves certain tricks and techniques to master.

Once you have dabbled enough with these techniques, your chances automatically improve. Are you already feeling the rush imagining what you would do with the prize money? Without further ado, check out these tips before the next time you play Powerball.

  • The surest way to win more is by playing more. Isn’t that right? Your chances automatically get boosted.
  • Choosing numbers randomly would give you a better chance of winning as against picking consecutive numbers.
  • Ensure that you don’t choose numbers within the same group, like choosing numbers with the same ending.
  • Keep the numbers in mind if you can find a record of the most and the least common in a lottery game.
  • Collaboration with a syndicate can be the best bet to enhance your chances of winning small shares of the money.
  • Choosing the number from the lottery, which is your birthday, can reduce the chance to share the prize with anyone.
  • Keep in mind if the prize money is too high, there will always be higher competition to get it.
  • Don’t make losing a criterion to change the numbers you picked.


Your Powerball fever can be turned into an entertaining and exciting adventure with the right tricks up your sleeve. To play Powerball, you must remember that every number has an equal chance of winning. It’s all about hit and trial and a few mind-blowing techniques that you just got to know. Go and put your luck to use now!

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