How Will AI Change Mobile App Development?

AI Mobile App Development

Artificial Intelligence(AI) is creating incessant inroads in the arena of mobile app development, thereby helping companies to drive business goals and boost ROI. AI technology is considered a revolutionary digital weapon that has a powerful impact on businesses if they adopt the very technology into their mainstream space. Along with varied other digital tools and technologies, viz., AR/VR/MR, IoT, Robotics, Artificial Intelligenceis allowing mobile app development companies to create state-of-the-art apps for multiple sectors.

AI is entering people’s lives through varied mobile apps in so many categories and facilitating online indulgence on a massive note. With smart content existing in varied platforms like websites,web apps,and other digital formats,AI is everywhere.While you are typing texts on your digital notepads,if you commit errors like spelling mistakes,grammatical errors or wrong sentence structures, errors in mathematical calculations,etc.then an AI-enabled app like Grammarlyhelps to correct your errors automatically.This is the power of AI in your life,and is just a small example!

Why AI

In the process of mobile app development,there are two facets of AI technology. Firstly, clients or customers rely on AI’s massive digital capabilities to complete the app development task successfully. Also, the technology assists them in varied other daily requirements for the same. Secondly, AI allows developers to create programs, code creatively.AI is just superb at molding anything allowing personalization that makes it create a harmonious relationship with the developers and the customers(via app’s features).

Mobile app development companies want to leverage the massive capabilities of AI and cater to the varied demands of users across the globe.This makes AI a desirable technology.Everyone loves it.AI-powered analytics help users to connect with the app’s facilities and the analytics uncover unique information,insights from users’ data, and records.For example,a customer’s likes,dislikes,shopping behavior,online purchasing behavior,types/categories of products he has mostly visited,and many more,all help to analyze his preferences.Thus,AI-based analytics help in the personalization of products/services offered by specific mobile apps.Moreover, AI helps in providing enhanced front-end,back-end app experiences as it allows machines to behave like humans giving a personal touch to the appusers.

AI Helps Mobile App Developers

AI-ML-enabled NLP mobile apps allow seamless interaction between users and the very apps. It provides a unique experience to its varied users in the languages they speak. AI-powered mobile apps provide personal recommendations to app users based on the latter’s preferences and past online activities on varied platforms. Moreover, with the use of Artificial Intelligence(AI)mobile app developers can create varied a single app that can function across platforms (iOS, Android, cross-platform).

For example, the F&B industry where AI-powered mobile apps spot user behavior and then based on that behavior align products that connect to them directly.In the F&B industry, there’s a dedicated app calledthe My Starbucks app.This app provides its customers,app users with varied reward points and loyalty points which bring them to this app again and again. They get personalized recommendations based on their taste preferences about what they can get new on the menu and special offers.Similarly,there are smarter mobile apps like we meet AmazonGo,Barista,TacoBot,and so on.

Thus,you can see how AI-based mobile app development companyhelps developers to expand their horizons and stay competitive in the market.AI provides developers with greater levels of flexibility, options for deploying innovative codes,and innovative ways to gather data,make it accessible to users through customized apps that approve to be beneficial to them. Here also, you can see an example like that of QR codes. QR(Quick Response) codes are AI-powered app facility that allows users to get valuable information, insight about product/service offerings and how they can leverage them. These QR codes are scannable squares (in black&whiteformat)which if scanned can reveal insights/information.Your AI-integrated QR codes can provide your app users with valuable insights such as the release/launch date of certain products,any new version that is coming, or anything that relates to new offers and special product offerings.

Thus, AI-ML-based mobile apps help users, customers to have a seamless experience, and AI-ML-enabled predictive analytics help businesses predict target users’ unique demand and offer them accordingly.

AI-Powered Innovative App Ideas

Let’s see how AI-powered apps are making inroads to the development center of mobile app development companies:

AI-Ml-NLP  Enabled Chatbots

Digital chatbots that are powered by Artificial Intelligence,Machine Learning Algorithms, and NLP,are powerful communication tools between businesses and their relevant customers. AI-ML chatbots are the first point of contact and communication medium for customers.This way,they become an effective communication channel between a company and its clients/customers from varied locations. They are the conversational AI that provides a unique customer experience and solves multiple queries of any number of customers in seconds. Digital chatbots are a new way of enhancing customer services across industries.

AI-Enabled Face Detection

Mobile application development company is widely leveraging this powerful AI capability via face-detection technique.For example, your mobile phone can detect your face to allow access;it verifies your authenticity and then only lets you go inside.This is a huge AIcapability that facilitates the protection of your mobile phone and your crucial,sensitive personal data.Imagine how your business can save/protect millions of app users using your unique AI-powered face detection app. Typically, a face detection app takes care of locking/unlocking users’ mobile phonesand is a popular security app in today’s times.Face detection apps help to secure the confidential data of multiple users across the globe.The very app has AI-powered security and tracking capabilities that help achieve the app’s goal of providing safe and secure facilities to users. Just for your knowledge, a face detection app converts human faces into digital format,and the consequent images, digital videos are presented in varied frames.This way, a human face is detected and given authorized access accordingly.

AI-Enabled Image & Voice Recognition Tool

All the search engines available online are powered by AI technology.AI has transformed the search terminology greatly as it allows users to search their desired products online just by giving voice commands or text commands.Voice commerce is greatly impacting the app market worldwide. Siri,Alexa,are just a few examples where AI is helping users to leverage AI capabilities on a great scale.AI performs image recognition, allows integration of voice, image, and video recognition via a common mobile app. All depend on the types of features, UI/UX design you have selected for your mobile app specific to the business.

AI-ML Based Telemedicine

In the present COVID crisis, the whole world has realized the massive power of AI-ML-based telemedicine. While the deadly coronavirus is rampant across the world with its negativity and making people sick and businesses go upside down,it is the mobile app-based telemedicine that is saving lives, as well as businesses.Virtual/online patient-doctor consultation, Remote Patient Monitoring(RPM),Store and Forward type of telemedicne are all boosting the healthcare industry a great deal.Thanks to the massive capabilities of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.


AI(Artificial Intelligence) is not a new technology but it is taking innovative forms that are helping the mobile app development sector in many ways.Be it retail, healthcare,education,manufacturing,logistics, or hospitality industry, AI is boosting them all allowing the mobile app development businesses to thrive in the market.

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