5 Challenges Associated With Outsourcing .NET Development


Developers use .NET, a free, open-source platform belonging to Microsoft for creating different types of applications for mobiles as well as desktops. With .NET framework, you can make CRMs, warehousing and inventory applications, websites, and more. Because this platform has such huge application, there are certain challenges that you can face when it comes to outsourcing .NET development. You will really have to cross-check quite a few things before you hire a service provider who can ably fulfill your requirement.

Below, we have talked about 5 challenges associated with outsourcing .NET development: 


This is a major challenge that you face not just in the case of .NET but any software for that matter. To play it safe, it will be advisable if you go for someone who has enough experience under their belt compared to those have just started off.

You may wonder what the attributes of an experienced organization are. Well for one, an established company will surely have one permanent address and if their business has really been prospering, they may have more than one branch.   

B2B rating platforms is what you can visit to prepare a list of top-performing outsourcing companies. Of course, you will have to see the number of projects your prospective service provider has worked on and the type of assignments they have handled.

You can also enquire about the company’s social media presence and check its accounts on networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, etc. 

A lot of such companies also share their case studies online consisting of client overview, challenges, solutions, etc.

Project Manager’s Track Record

Your research may help you find a credible organization but you cannot take it for granted that the person managing your project will be adept and qualified. You need to verify their credentials as well. You will have to see whether the one who is going to be at the helm has the required license and certifications to manage your .NET project.

Again to be on the safe side, you will have to see that your technical consultant has a minimum of 2 years of experience and 6-7 years is what will suffice in the case of the project manager.

Microsoft technologies galore and you can ask a project manager whether they and their team have knowledge of ASP.NET, VB.NET, C++, MVC, and how well they can use .NET along with other technologies such as Windows Azure, Microsoft SQL Server, and Kentico to confirm that they are indeed proficient in the .NET domain.

Many a time, it becomes difficult for large organizations to incorporate a new system into an existing legacy system. It is in such cases that a team’s capability vis-à-vis Microsoft technologies is judged. An accomplished outfit will not be fazed by tricky tasks like integration and interoperability.

Skillfulness With Regard To Mobiles

In today’s times, there are very few software that do not have to be equipped with mobile capabilities. The same holds true for .NET as well. The adeptness of your potential service provider in the use of the .NET technology alone may not suffice; there are bound to be applications that will fail to reach out to a large number of people unless they are not used on mobiles. When such a requirement arises, it will be better if your service giver has in-house provision for mobile development or else you will have to look out for another vendor for mobile app development and its integration with the product that you get from your development company.

Some of the basic things that your offshore company should know vis-à-vis the requirement in question include how to integrate an ASP.NET MVC 4 application with mobile features, creation of mobile sites through ASP.NET MVC, and developing and integrating mobile sites with iOS, Android, and HTML5.

Outsourcing First Time

When you are outsourcing your .NET requirement first time, you will have to become familiar with the entire outsourcing process that includes having a clear product vision, defining the development stages, setting marketing deadlines, and being mindful of further maintenance. Detailed discussion is what is required.

The crux of the matter is you need to have clear and reasonable expectations from your offshore company. During the initial rounds of discussion, your outsourcing partner must give you a feel of the entire process.

The clearer your team is about your vision and objective, the easier it will be for them to work on the same. It will help them devise a sound project development strategy that they can work on later. They should also not be hesitant in sending regular project updates.

To further gauge the competence of the outsourcing team, you can pose questions related to the latest trends and technologies. Your offshore partner must follow the best practices and standards if you wish to get the best results from them.

Handling of Complex .NET Projects

A service provider may boast of having all the required certifications but their ability to work on complex projects is what really matters. For this, as mentioned earlier, you can go through their case studies. If you see that they overcame challenges and found solutions to uncommon problems, you can consider yourself lucky of having found yourself the right resource. That’s because overseas clients have cost saving on their mind when they outsource and to find someone who is ready to go the extra mile to fulfill your requirement may not be that easy.

Outsourcing has for long been a convenient option but you cannot afford to be ignorant of the stakes involved and try to devise a failsafe strategy. There are also fraudulent service providers out there and your money will simply go waste if you fall prey to the trap laid by any of them. Talking of outsourcing, India is considered an outsourcing hub where you can easily outsource .NET development and hire .NET programmers. To hire a dedicated ASP.NET developer, you just have to do some research and follow the guidelines that have been shared above.           

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