How to Unlock a Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5

So, I know what you are thinking, can I really get my Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked? The answer to that question is yes. Unlocking a phone helps you to do so much more, It is more than you can do with just the day to day use your phone currently provides you with. It enables you to taste a little freedom. Freedom that allows you to fly your proverbial wings and switch network carriers anytime you choose. All the while, being able to keep the Galaxy S5 with you whenever you decide to change networks. Doesn’t that sound nice? 

To us, it really does. So we decided to do a little investigating, a little research, and have found that the ins and outs of the unlocking process are really quite simple. With all that information, we have put together the key resources to make unlocking your phone one of the easiest decisions you have yet to make. Plus, within all the interesting stuff we have chosen to include below, you will be able to make the right decision. You will have the knowledge you need from this article and nothing will hold you back!

So, recently, I had a friend ask me to figure out how to get his Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked. And, being the friend that I am, I put forth the effort to help her. Obviously, I knew this was going to be quite the task. So I invested a little time and effort into this, and in return, I discovered a lot about unlocking your phone. Below, I will discuss what unlocking your phone really means, the benefits, and how exactly you can go about unlocking your S5. Keep reading to discover the only advice you have ever needed about a Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked.

What You Need to Get a Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked

The most important piece of the puzzle is to know the IMEI number of your specific phone. An IMEI number is a precise set of digits. It identifies your phone being different from any other phone of that specific make and model. 

In case you didn’t know, you can find your IMEI for Samsung Galaxy S5 by following the steps below.

The first thing you want to do is swipe down to view the Quick Settings Menu. Then, tap on the Settings Icon. After that, you must scroll down to the System section, then tap About Device. Following that, you will tap Status. All you have to do then is scroll down to view the IMEI number. 

It is important to note, that you can also access your IMEI number by dialing *#06# from the keypad. This will allow the IMEI to show up on your screen. 

With Galaxy S5, you can even view the IMEI number on your hardware. All you have to do is remove the back cover and battery. You will find the IMEI number below the device information.

Hopefully, one of the above-mentioned methods will work for you. However, if you find yourself in a bind, unable to get your IMEI number through one of those methods, you can always try the box your Samsung Galaxy S5 came in. Just look at the packaging on the outside of the box and you will spot the IMEI.

No matter what, unlocking your phone is dependent upon you having the IMEI number. This is a vital key.

Benefits For When You Get A Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked

The Samsung Galaxy S5 comes equipped with a fingerprint scanner and a heart rate monitor, which are pretty cool, don’t get me wrong. However, there are some things that are made that much better by having your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked. The fact is that there are some benefits you attain when deciding to unlock. Below are just a few.

  1. Anywhere you go or plan to be, you can unlock your phone. Whether from the privacy of your own home or into the depths of a public bus route to work is entirely up to you. 
  2. Reselling your device with an increase of 300% in value. This is thanks to being able to use the phone with more carriers. 
  3. You can use the same phone while switching between 2 different GSM carriers.
  4. Are you planning a trip to another country? Unlocked devices allow you to use a local SIM card. Then you will avoid receiving outrageous charges from your current carrier. Typically, carriers charge more than it would cost to just switch SIM cards while abroad.

Where Do I Get My Samsung Galaxy S5 Unlocked?

No matter how you go about the unlocking process, you will need an unlock code to make the SIM lock on your phone disappear. Clearly there are quite a number of unlocking websites that will sell you unlock codes.

In any case, you need to know which website is the right one for you. Believe me, no one deserves to be scammed.  I have found THE site to go to.

Easily get your Samsung Galaxy S5 unlocked at

First off, their unlocking process is flawless and simple to follow. Just fill out the unlock form and wait on them to search for your unlock code. As soon as it is ready, you will receive an automated email. Then all you do is enter the Samsung unlock code on your email into your phone. Then, Presto! You now own an unlocked device. is not only safe but secure. They give you the real code every time.

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