How to (Legitimately) Make Money on Online Dating?

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You can get pretty rich running a dating site. But it’s not about charismatic girls robbing foreigners of their hardly-earned money. It’s about hiring employees, who just need to chat with people from all over the world. The foreigners will pay themselves for the opportunity to chat with a couple of Russian or Ukrainian cuties. Why is that?

We should begin with the fact that Russian dating sites available at the international level are very popular with foreigners. They believe in certain stereotypes around Russian women, thinking that they’re loyal, loving, caring, and put the family, children, and husband in first place, sacrificing their careers. They respect Russian ladies. In part, this is true, because Western women, whose feminism is becoming more and more notorious, are mostly careerists. But, in our case, the girls’ beliefs, their worldview, and plans don’t matter because they don’t look for a second-rate partner on a dating site – they simply do their job. Yes, a lot of Russian-language resources that became the main dating hub for foreigners offer this kind of work.

What is the scheme? Isn’t it a scam?

No one can just start asking people for money for a new computer, a child’s treatment, an operation for a grandmother, and so on because all this is fraud and criminally punishable. But nevertheless, there’s a way to profit; however, it also requires a bit of deception. The thing is that the girls you hire will chat with guys on behalf of other ladies, who either don’t know the language or don’t exist at all. As a rule, girls, who work for such resources, have more than one dating profile on the website. On average, one girl has about 10 profiles, although there may be more if she can manage them.

Since foreigners don’t know Russian, and many girls don’t know a foreign language, they can’t have a casual conversation. Online translators don’t do their job well, making it nearly impossible for two people to understand each other. It should be noted that the girls usually communicate with foreigners in Russian, so theydon’t need to know any other language. Besides, not all foreigners are English speakers because Russian brides are also popular in other countries, as well, for example, in Germany, Sweden, Finland, Cuba, Australia, Arab countries, etc.

Messages written in Russian are translated for foreign users. But to access the translation services that the resource offers, they need to pay. Do you want to find out more on how to properly make a dating service? Visit they know what they’re doing. The prices aren’t huge, but if you consider how large and lengthy the correspondence can be, you can end up paying a pretty penny. Girls, who chat with foreigners, receive a small cut every time men pay for translation. By the way, it doesn’t have to be a girl on the other end. But dating site owners prefer to hire ladies.

How dating sites work: main rules

It doesn’t matter where the girl you hire lives. The main condition is to have a computer and internet access. This can be compared with freelancing, paid written reviews, or commenting on the forums for money. While you’re at it, check out, for dating or, in this case, learning. You won’t be disappointed, anyway. Where were we? Maybe these are not the best analogies, but it’s about the same thing.

The website itself provides fake pictures of girls. Usually, these photos aren’t stolen from other people’s profiles. Some girls the website hires provide their own photos but for a certain fee, of course. Girls, whose pics are posted online, aren’t risking anything because no one will say their real address, beg for moneyusing their profile, etc. Basically, it’s a tete-a-tete chat with a possibility to meet in the future, but this, of course, will never happen.

Employees, who chat with foreigners online, must create an identity for each of the fake profiles they have and make up a special archive with a short biography and all the key information so that they’re sure they don’t forget anything. In case the person the girl chats with wants to discuss some fact from her fake biography, it will be possible to find it in the chat history or personal archive. One really does need a good memory because the girls usually have 10 and more profiles. And they can chat with more than one man via each profile.

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