The Future of Self Parking Kiosk

Every car owner knows the hassle and trouble they get when it comes to finding a parking space. Although it’s the responsibility of the owner of the establishment to maintain order in their parking space, there are still people who cannot follow simple rules in parking. There will always be people who will park their cars in undesignated areas, creating more trouble in parking.

CVPS’s Aria Self Parking Kiosks have resolved this issue of parking in undesignated areas. With their parking kiosks, cars will be managed by a computer in an orderly fashion. If you are looking for other types of kiosks, take a look at Olea Kiosks, they are the leading kiosk manufacturer in the USA.

Features of Self-Parking Kiosks

Basically, self-parking kiosks offer parking services to customers in a fast, organized, convenient, and secure manner.

In establishments with this kind of technology, you will be greeted with a self-parking kiosk that will assist you in parking your car. You can see on the display which spot is available and you can pay for it. This allows you to determine which spot suits you and you can safely park your car.

Here are the other noteworthy features of self-parking kiosks:

Mobile Access

Prior to going to the parking lot of an establishment, you can have access to the platform used in kiosks and plan where to park ahead of time. This platform is mobile compatible, and you can download the app for your convenience. Should there be any problems or inquiries, you can directly contact the establishment through the app or any specified contact details.

Live Customer Support

Even during the process of finalizing your transactions with the platform, you can talk to one of the customer support representatives. The kiosks feature a call center option to help you with your inquiries regarding your transaction or any related matters. Anything you want to know regarding their services, the kiosks have answers.

You are never blinded with any detail in your transactions because the platform is straightforward and simple. You just need to choose the subject matter you wanted to know, and you will be provided with the complete outline on the kiosk. You can view the details during your transaction and even after leaving the lot.

Online Payment

You don’t need to look for pay stations in the parking lot because you can pay it through the application. You simply need to download their app, and you can have a pay station right on your pocket. The app offers different payment methods you can choose from, and you can opt for a receipt via mail or text message.

Self Parking Kiosk

Future of Self-Parking Kiosks

When talking about improvements, there are endless possibilities for improving such advanced technology. Although parking kiosks mainly maintain order in parking lots, they can do a lot more. They can offer refueling stations on the lot or charging stations for electric vehicles.

Here’s what you can expect from parking kiosks in the future: 

Incorporating Artificial Intelligence

Parking kiosks can be operated by artificial intelligence (AI) or robots to park your car automatically. AI parking kiosks would save a lot of your time because you only have to leave your car. The AI would then take care of putting the car in a designated space in the parking facility.

Parking lots would then be a “no-human zone” to prevent unwanted accidents and to fit more cars than what traditional parking lots can offer. This is possible as cars can be placed closely side by side and car doors will not be opened. Moreover, the cars can be stacked like books on a bookshelf.

Moving towards automation, self-parking kiosks offer not only security for your cars but also convenience. For instance, you may get annoyed if finding a spot in a parking facility takes you so long; self-parking kiosks removes this hassle by giving you a spot on the get-go so you don’t have to spend so much time wandering around, giving you more time to do what you intended to do. Moreover, spending less time driving to a parking space means you save in fuel consumption.

Advanced Cybersecurity

While possibilities are endless, there will always be the danger of system hacking and data corruption, which could make a lot of trouble in the self-parking kiosk industry. Improving the system’s cybersecurity is the biggest challenge right now.

Although companies have ongoing research on improving the cybersecurity of this technology, there have been a lot of improvements in this aspect already. Some manufacturers install 4G technology on the system to allow users and government officials continuous monitoring on their vehicles and the kiosk itself. No one knows what more improvements can be done to make these systems more secure.

The Bottom Line

The subject of automation is not new to the ears of many people, as this brings convenience to everyone’s daily tasks. The ongoing increase in car purchase means a higher demand for parking spaces, and self-parking kiosks can answer to this. These services are indeed a big step in the world of technology.

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