How To Get Branding Design: Design Contests Vs Freelancers Vs Agencies

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One of the most critical aspects of having a coherent vision for your company is by developing the company’s identity in the right way. If you’re a smaller company, then having the resources and budget to devote time to brand design can be difficult. Since most business owners aren’t artists, they need to look into different approaches to get branding designs such as logos.

Understanding The Importance Of Strong Logo Design

A customer’s first impression of your company’s logo is formed in just a few seconds, and it takes several impressions for them to remember that logo design. This small window to make a strong and memorable impression means that it is critical that you put in the time and effort to ensure your brand design accurately reflects your brand. 

There are many different aspects that make a logo memorable and they all need to work together to create a strong design that represents your brand accurately. These aspects include typography, colour, image choice, and the message you want the logo to convey about your brand.

Although you can try to create your own brand designs, relying on the expertise of professionals would benefit your brand in the long run. Designers can translate the brand’s personality into a visual design that communicates certain characteristics of your brand to your customers accurately. However, hiring a professional can be pricey and the cost is out of smaller businesses’ budgets. Fortunately, there are other options that can be used to create brand designs.

You have three brand design options to choose from. These are design contests, freelancers, and agencies. These choices can help you collaborate with experts without going over your budget.

Design Contests

In recent years, design competitions have grown in popularity. These contests are hosted on different websites and they help businesses to crowdsource logo designs. This method of logo design lets you get reviews, pick your favourites, and then just pay if you’re satisfied with the final product for the logo design.

When using a design contest, you fill out a design brief that informs contestants about the concepts and branding needs for the logo’s design. You will then receive several submissions from entrants of the contest.  You have the ability to provide input so the entrants can improve the designs, and then you will eventually choose the winning design to use for your branding.

Once you have chosen the final design, all the digital rights are transferred to you and the logo will be sent to you in many different file formats.

Design competitions are often criticized for not always getting desired results. When business owners are dissatisfied with the design choices available, they will choose to withdraw from the contest without choosing any of the designs. However, this is usually caused by poor communication between the contestants and contest creator.

Design contests provide value for money that cannot be matched by the other choices. You have access to many experienced designers and you just need to make a single payment or no payment at all if you don’t like any of the designs. Depending on the platform you use to host the design contest, there will be a fixed cost, or you will be given the ability to set a budget.


Businesses can now use online freelancer platforms to bypass design firms and connect directly with designers. You can look through these online platforms and find freelancers that are offering to complete the type of design work you need for your brand. These platforms give you the opportunity to choose the best candidate for the job based on their previous work and the reviews that they have received from their previous clients. You can also communicate with the freelancer you choose throughout the entire brand design process.

Hiring a freelancer can have a wide range of outcomes. Your interview skills will play a big role in ensuring a high-quality logo design. In order to ensure a successful finished product, ask the right questions and request samples of previous work before making any hiring decisions. Look at the reviews that the freelancer has received from previous clients. This will be a good indicator of whether they’ll be easy to work with.

Freelancers can range in price, and the quality of work you will receive is usually dependent on the amount of money you end up paying. The flexibility in the cost of freelancers makes this choice a desirable one for many businesses, especially smaller businesses.

Design and Branding Agencies

When you need a design project to be worked on by professionals and you have a big budget then you should pick an agency to work on your logo and brand designs. This choice guarantees high-quality results and can offer other services as well such as a full marketing strategy for your brand. You can get the best brand design in San Francisco, New York and Londan, as the cities are famous for their designing agencies. 

When design and branding studios are hired, you are paying for someone else to handle the logistics of your project and take most of the work away from you so you can focus on other aspects of your business. When hiring design and branding agencies, you should ask to see their previous work as this will let you know whether they’ll be able to produce the type of designs you are looking for.

The cost of hiring a top branding agency in San Francisco or one of the many branding studios is high. You are paying for the guarantee of quality for your brand designs. Before hiring any firm, make sure to ask the right questions and contact the firm’s previous clients to ask them what it was like to work with the firm and if they were satisfied with the work they received from it. Knowing as much about the branding companies on your shortlist will increase the chances of you getting the branding designs that you are looking for.

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