How to recover your top of foot pain

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Pain can be experienced anywhere and anytime in your body. The body contains many bones, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. It is quite difficult to identify the cause of your pain. However, the experienced physiotherapist can examine you well and analyze the cause of your pain.

The reasons for main can be due to daily routine such as standing for a longer time or walk on uneven surfaces, or due to uncomfortable shows. This irregular activity could cause pain in the heel, toes, arch, instep, or insole of the foot. Some of the commonly noticed symptoms are:

  • Tight calf muscles
  • A painful pressure point
  • Pain in the center of your foot
  • Swelling on the top of your foot
  • Bruising, swelling, or redness on the top of your foot

Easy home remedies to ease your top foot pain

People often try to push through the pain but unfortunately, this could end up worsening your pain to the extent. Instead of this, you can ease up your pain through simple home remedies.

  1. Cold therapy: This therapy is also known as Cryotherapy. Cryotherapy is a simple way to ease your foot pain. This therapy includes ice packs, sprays to cool down your pain, ice pack massage, and ice baths.
  2. Foam Roller to recover from your tight claves: Tight calves are one of such reasons for your pain on top of your foot. The foam roller technique is proven to be the best therapy to get rid of tight calves.
  3. Get rid of uncomfortable shoes: Wearing uncomfortable shoes can also be one of the reasons for pain. If the shoes are too tight, you must choose on changing your shoes and buy a new pair.

Mjphysio – the physiotherapy clinic in Vancouver has designed an infographic that summarizes the easy ways to ease your foot top pain. MJPhysio has its center in Vancouver, Surrey, and Fleetwood. Reach out to us to recover from your long-lasting pain.

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