5 Technologies Every Call Center Service Provider Must Know

Call Center Service Provider

According to a research analysis from Walker1, customer service is already on its journey to surpass price and product/service quality and become the most critical brand differentiator for companies.

While it might not be an interesting subject for the general population, however, it is highly important for call center service providers. The delivery of customer experience has been transformed – all thanks to new technologies used by call centers. It is safe to say that today’s call center technologies have significantly improved customer servicing and enhanced customer loyalty.

Here, we have outlined some of the top call center technologies that call center service providers must consider for their business. These innovations will expertly assist businesses in rethinking how they serve clients in order to provide better service and make better use of resources.

New-Age Technologies For Call Center Service Providers To Consider

Before we discuss the many call center technologies available, let us understand what call center technology entails.

Generally, call center technologies refer to a set of resources or tools that are categorically used by call centers to handle functions such as inbound and outbound phone calls, as well as any other mode of communication such as emails, chats and SMS.

For routing or directing calls/chats to customer service specialists, call center providers make use of several technologies, either in combination or as a standalone tool. Some of these advanced technologies are as mentioned below:

Customer Relation Management (CRM) Tools

No matter the size of the organization –businesses use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, which enables them to store and manage their customer information securely.

Similarly, call centers also implement CRM to ensure they can keep track of all customer interactions and journeys. It is important to make sure that your choice of CRM aligns with your business goals and is suitable for application in the next few years.

Data & Call Analytics

Actionable data and call analytics are key metrics that ascertain the success of any call center. This is why call center service providers use real-time data analytics to forecast call frequency, call measurements, and call routing.

Increasingly so, numerous businesses, as well as call center service providers, have started using data and call analytics to monitor their workforces, which ultimately helps them enhance their customer experience.

Call Recording Tools

With call recording tools, service providers and businesses can expertly monitor consumer experiences and better recognize improvement areas to gain a competitive advantage.

Such technology is especially useful to evaluate a call or the communication skills of a customer service agent – the call center service providers’ management can just over the details of a call as it has been recorded.

In addition, it is also important to note that the call recording works in tandem with analytics reporting, thus ensuring that the call center management receives real-time data.

Automatic Call Distributors

Such distribution technologies are used in advanced telecommunication devices that identify, responds, and directs incoming calls to the operator or representative, who is ideally positioned to serve the caller’s requirements. Businesses that receive a high volume of calls benefit greatly by recognizing where and how to deliver incoming calls before they could be answered.

Live Video Call

With advancements in IoT and cloud technologies, today, several leading video call platforms are specifically designed for companies wanting to connect with their consumers in an immersive manner. Besides, such platforms also offer a simplified interface and process for consumers to initiate an interaction with the business, as well as enables the businesses’ call center service providers to handle customer video calls seamlessly.

Remember to explore options from well-known and trustworthy brands like KENT, which provides advanced call center software solutions, such as KENT CamCall. This is one of the first video-based inbound call networks that is designed for sales calls as well as for call center service providers to maintain and deliver excellent customer relationship services.

Blending advanced technologies and video conferencing to provide a business collaboration network that is easy to use, highly functional as well as scalable, KENT CamCall offers a host of first-of-its-kind features. Presenting an app-less ecosystem, this call center software doesn’t require any app installation and works with most web-browsers, allowing agents and customers to make a call from anywhere and anytime.

Now that you know some of the latest technologies for call center service providers, assess the distinctive needs of your business, and leverage new technologies to accelerate growth!

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