How to gain a tiktok following


TikTok first made it to the scene back in 2016. Since then, the platform has morphed into one of the most influential social bases in the world today. With a bubbling 1 billion active user count, TikTok has cemented its presence as a global go-to for entertainment, interaction, education, and commerce. The numbers are undoubtedly impressive; however, what stands out is the extensive reach this app has managed to fetch; the demographics are insane! For this reason and more, the platform is now a must-have for content creators, business brands, and entrepreneurs.

Six ways to boost your TikTok following

TikTok has proven unstoppable with a popularity that’s nowhere close to wearing off. While some might credit this skyrocketing performance to the silly dances and challenges, the commercial aspect truly changed the game. The world learned how to sell itself through viral TikTok videos, and no one’s ever looked back, but hey, it’s not that simple. To fully tap into the app’s potential, people had to build a good following which takes time. Lucky for you, we’ve cracked the code, so you don’t have to wait that long. With these five effective strategies for Tik Tok organic growth boosting your following should be no challenge.

Identify your audience

First things first, define your target audience. Ideally, a target audience refers to the users you’re looking to reach and connect with; this could be millennials, working moms, DIY enthusiasts, or backpackers; there’s no limit to it. Once you have that pinpointed, actualizing your TikTok growth strategy becomes a piece of cake. Not only will you be able to curate content that resonates with the audience, but you will also identify your niche, audience demographics, and location funneling your campaign even further.

Create and engage

With your audience zeroed in, the next step would be maximizing your content creation and engagement. Invest your time and effort into creating educational, entertaining, and interactive video publications for your audience. Take this, for instance; your TikTok target audience is backpackers- what tips do you reckon they’d find helpful? Perhaps it’s how they can make money on the go or five affordable places they could visit all year round. Settle on a subject matter and carry out sufficient research for some actionable and practical hacks no backpacker wouldn’t want to miss out on. Give it a go with engagement by asking your followers what they’d like to see next on your feed.

Tip: At the end of each video, ask your followers to drop some of their self-taught tips related to the subject in the comment section to keep the conversation going.

Leverage trends

If there’s one thing content creators, brands, and entrepreneurs bank on, it’s trends. Trends show your followers that you’re up to date while boosting your findability on the For You page. How to pull it off? Hop on the latest TikTok audios and challenges tailoring content that aligns with your niche. And no, not all trends will relate to your platform; however, with the rate at which TikTokkers are discovering new waves rest assured you’ll find something that works for you soon enough.

Along with the trendy audios and challenges are hashtags to get that follower count up. Ensure you utilize relevant hashtags to get your name out there. Here’s an example; a DIY-based TikTok account would thrive on tags like #diylovers #handmade #crafts #homes.

Important note: Too many hashtags make videos look spammy, so limit your use to 3-5 hashtags per video for effect.


Sure, you have a TikTok account, but is that all there is to you? Probably not! Often content creators are signed to 3 or 4 social media platforms, and while the spotlight is on TikTok, the rest are just as influential. Take advantage of this and promote your TikTok account and content on other social media platforms; it could be as simple as sharing your TikTok username on Snapchat or reposting that TikTok video on your Instagram reels. This strategy will help you pull those Instagram followers and Facebook friends into your TikTok account. Trust us; chances are your college friends have no idea you’re on TikTok with relatable millennial posts they could implement.

Maximize on analytics

One thing you’ll come to appreciate with TikTok is the analytics tool. Analytics, found in the app’s setting, keeps track of your videos’ performance, audience response and activity, users’ active time, and locations. From this information, the publisher can streamline their content for maximum results. How so? When the analytics observe your followers’ busy time as 8 a.m -10 a.m, you can schedule your posts around this window to grab the most views.


Business owner or not, TikTok is the place to be. Unlike most platforms, this app has broken social media’s vain label and presentation as a mere pastime. Today, one can employ TikTok to do just about anything from boosting their sales to increasing their brand awareness and global interaction. But here’s the catch, your success on TikTok is highly dependent on your following, and when we talk of a good following, we focus more on quality than quantity. So while some may be tempted to jump the ropes and buy bots and fake followers from sketchy apps, it all materializes into nothing more than an ego boost. What works is building a meaningful base with active users interested in your content, and these tips set you right on that path.

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