How To Benefit From Agile Development While Working With Offshore Developer

Agile Approach

You will obviously be curious to know what agile development is. It is a smoother and more adaptable development process with short development cycles known as sprints where in the focus is on continuous improvement. One sprint lasts 2-4 weeks and collectively, they result in a very streamlined flow of development. The reason why this happens is because at the end of every sprint, problems are identified and solved. This way developers keep resolving issues at different stages instead of dealing with them together at the end of the development process. Agile development holds the key to keeping a project on track and ensuring maximum output. 

You always have the option to outsource WordPress development to India.  And when you hire WordPress programmers in India, here is how you can benefit from Agile development while working with them:

Lend Significance To Problem Discovery

Initially, your WordPress developer and you just need to brainstorm and figure out all the potential problems so that their solutions can be found out as project development progresses. Your developer should let you know how they will proactively resolve issues in every sprint. 

At times, it can be about including a new feature or doing away with something that is not likely to serve any purpose. Do not be surprised if your discussion results in the compilation of a long list. So, the first stage of the Agile development methodology is attaching a lot of significance to problem discovery.     

Find Solutions To Problems

Unfortunately, solving a problem is not as simple as identifying it for the solution offered by your developer may not fit your budget. And what if the developer themselves admit in the first place that they lack the required tech skills to fix the issue highlighted by them. This way you will have to make other arrangements to get your project back on track and if you are adamant, no hitch can remain a major glitch for long.      

Divide Project Into Smaller Sprints

The decision to divide a project into smaller sprints is taken once all the problems are identified and their solutions are decided. In every sprint, a developer is required to pursue an objective and reach a milestone. It is about fixing an issue as and when it should be resolved.

Through testing, your developer will let you know whether they have managed to solve a problem successfully or not. The more proactively you participate in this stage, the better will be the shape that your project will take.   

Break Up Projected Time & Cost

This aspect of Agile development has its pros and cons. You will be required to assign shorter time spans and budget to your developer. So, while you will know the outcome fast, which may or may not be to your liking, the flip side is that you may not really know what the overall time duration and budget are going to be.  However, if your developer is providing you with satisfactory results, you should not expect a heavy loss in terms of time and money eventually. So, all you have to do is apportion time and budget sensibly.

Ensure Adaptable Development Via Constant Feedback

So, now we come to the last component of Agile development. Receiving constant feedback is one feature that defines this new age phenomenon. As you get feedback at the end of each sprint, you will be able to make the necessary adjustments. The response you receive could be a one liner or an extensive one comprising a page or two. Impediments are bound to arise and to overcome them timely, you must get proper feedback on time. So, now we will go back to what we mentioned at the beginning of this write-up i.e. the choice that you have to outsource WordPress development to India. Indian developers cater to a global clientele and you can expect that they will be attuned to the latest trends. Your dedicated WordPress developer will in all probability be familiar with Agile development and we have already told you how you can benefit from this methodology when you hand over your project to them. And when it comes to Indian developers, you will often hear that hire dedicated WordPress developer & save 70%. So, find the right service provider and your decision to outsource your WordPress project could be a masterstroke.

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