Scroll saw: An ultimate guide to the most dynamic tool for woodwork

Scroll saw

Have you ever wondered how those beautiful and finely carved sculptures and patterns of wood are created? Such carved woods have been the ultimate example of craftsmanship and loved across the globe for years. In the present times, scroll saw at Sydney Tools, has revolutionized this craft. Scroll saw is extensively used these days to make ultra-intricate patterns and cuts on the wood. If you come across any such art piece and are astonished about its precision, there are very bright chances that it is created with the help of a scroll saw.

How does it work?

A scroll saw’s working principle is similar to that of a band saw. You have to move the workpiece against the blade to make the carves and cuts. A plus point with a scroll saw is that it is powered with a reciprocating blade instead of a continuous looping blade. This facilitates making the internal profile and creates intricate masterpieces faster and with greater precision.

Applications of scroll saw

A scroll saw is a woodworker’s best pal when it comes to creating beautiful, elegant, and complex wood patterns. It enables artisans and craftsmen to accomplish jobs that are otherwise difficult to perform. Some of its common applications include the following.

  • Making intricate cuts and profiles on wood, metal, and plastic.
  • For creating artwork and carving on materials like wood and ivory.
  • To make lettered signs, templates, intarsia, and marquetry.
  • Creating jigsaw puzzles and toys.
  • Cutting dovetail joints to manufacture jewelry boxes, small-sized furniture, etc.

Benefits of using this wonder-tool

Scroll saw deliver some incredible benefits to woodworkers and art makers which include the following.

  • Ability to make complex curves and contours
  • While band saw is known for its versatility, a scroll saw is synonymous with precision
  • Delivers a clean finish that only needs a little sanding
  • Allow better control with both hands and feet (using a padel) to accurately trace the desired path
  • Compact scroll saw needs lesser space

Types of blades

What makes it more dynamic is the different types of blades that come with a scroll saw. While you can find a handful of varieties, only two are the most important ones that you need to learn about.

Pinned or pin-end blades

These blades are thicker and suitable to cut through thick or harder pieces of wood. You can easily install and lock these blades. Once in the right place and set to correct tension, these simplify working with heavy loads.

Unpinned or flat blades

Flat blades are available in a wide range of sizes. You can choose the most suitable size that matches your needs and achieve unparalleled precision in intricate cuts. However, you need to devote a little more time and effort to lock and adjust the tension of these blades.

Factors to consider while buying

Scroll saw provides incredible benefits that make it enticing for workers to buy this tool. However, several factors impact the outcome it would deliver. You have to consider these factors and evaluate them against your needs before making the investments. These factors include:

  • Size of the saw
  • The mechanism for blade tensioning
  • Types of blades and changing mechanism
  • Maximum tile angle
  • Speed and dust collection
  • Lamp and scroll saw table
  • The brand you are relying on

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